How IMS Noida increased its admission efficiency by 30%

“Ever since we implemented LeadSquared, we have seen a 30% increase in admissions efficiency & 20% increase in applicant conversion rates.”

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Institute of Management Studies, Noida, a premier Institution established in 1998, is known for its academic excellence and value-based education. It caters to fresh graduates seeking world-class education and those already employed and looking to upskill themselves. The institution has collaborations with several Universities overseas and seeks to imbibe a global mindset in its students. There is also a strong focus on research, and they encourage their faculty and students to undertake consultancy projects with corporate. Situated in the heart of Noida city, within a sprawling campus, the institution is a world in itself. However, in contrast to its surroundings, IMS is alive with activities, ideas, and ambitions. State-of-the-art infrastructure facilities at the institution renders an atmosphere that is conducive for learning and development.

IMS Noida endeavors to contribute to the nation’s sustained development and inclusive growth and the world at large by forming men and women imbibed with a spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Challenges faced by IMS Noida:

Before LeadSquared, the institution was relying on Excel sheets and used ExtraaEdge, for student portals which could not provide transparency and process efficiency in managing inquiries. Hence, this was leading to missed opportunities and discrepancies in the admissions possess. That’s when they turned to LeadSquared.

As they gained fame as a premier Institution, multiple student inquiries started coming in every day. To match the demand, they had to optimize student turn-around-time and prepare themselves for high-velocity admissions. Amidst this, the pressing challenges were:

  1. Inefficient lead capture from several different sources
  2. Inability to assign leads to admission reps automatically
  3. Managing escalations
  4. Streamlining and enabling an online admissions process
  5. Engaging applicants promptly
  6. Low visibility in the admissions funnel
  7. Dependencies on call center and lack of a system to manage call center interactions

To address these challenges, they implemented LeadSquared in 2018. LeadSquared has been an admission efficiency provider to IMS Noida since then.

Solutions Provided by LeadSquared’s Admission Automation:

1. Simplifying Applicant Admissions and Distribution with Automation:

LeadSquared helps IMS, Noida capture applicant inquiries from all online and offline sources

IMS Noida uses multiple sources to capture student admissions, including online channels, walk-ins, phone calls, website-landing pages, publisher and lead portals, and more. To handle a high inflow of leads, they use LeadSquared Admission Management System to capture student inquiries without leakage and manage them efficiently

2. Automated Applicant Distribution among Counselors:

LeadSquared helps IMS, Noida capture and distribute applicant inquiries among admission counselors and reduce student TAT

These leads are further distributed among admission counselors for verification of the applicants. The student inquiries are distributed in a round-robin manner based on applicant & counselor attributes such as preferred course, location, preference, counselor availability, counselor performance, etc. In addition, IMS Noida uses deduplication logic to ensure that no two similar leads are added to the system. This helps counselors focus on the right leads and saves them time by reaching out to relevant prospects.

3. Managing Applicant Drop-off by Intervening at the Right Time:

Send out targeted communication to applicants and students based on their preferences

With application forms being detail-extensive and long, students might not complete them in one go. LeadSquared’s Admission Automation helps the institution in tracking applicants based on various stages in the enrollment funnel. We also help them intervene at the right time. They can send out emails, SMSs, and campaigns through multiple channels to nudge the potential applicants to fill out the pending application form with automated communication. If the applicant forgets to fill the application, counselors are reminded with the help of system activity to take action.

LeadSquared helps the institution run campaigns and retarget ads across all relevant channels – email, text, Facebook, Google remarketing, WhatsApp, and more if a student drops off before starting with their application process.

 4. Improving Counselor Efficiency by Prioritising Conversion Ready Applicants:

LeadSquared helps IMS, Noida prioritize enrollment ready applicants by scoring them based on key actions

“Our call center teams have seen a dynamic shift in process efficiency. With the help of personalized messaging and marketing automation, we have witnessed an increase in applicant engagement by 25%.”

Admission counselors are the backbone of any efficient admission process. They have multiple tasks to perform throughout the day, including outreach to prospective students, follow-ups with applicants, running nurturing email campaigns, scheduling campus visits, and 100 more equally essential tasks. With such a tight schedule, counselors need to prioritize the applicants with a higher chance of a conversion.

Lead Score and Quality Score helps counselors segregate their applicants based on urgency and chance of a conversion and increase admission efficiency. For instance: LeadSquared’s automation updates the stage in the admission funnel from prospect to opportunity.

This helps counselors gain visibility on important leads that have a higher chance of a conversion. It not only helps counselors manage time but also improves their productivity.

5. Providing High Visibility into the Enrollment Funnel. 

LeadSquared helps IMS, Noida gain insight in the enrollment funnel by providing complete visibility

Multiple student inquiries come in, and then some existing applicants move down the enrollment funnel. With so much movement happening, it is essential to have clear visibility into the funnel and stage changes. With the help of LeadSquared, IMS Noida gains visibility into the enrollment funnel and targets applicants with relevant touchpoints. Based on the funnel movement and stage, they interact with the applicants and engage with them with top/middle/bottom of the funnel content.

6. Enhancing Student Experience with Multi-channel Communication:

Trigger multichannel communication

“Manually handling leads wasn’t very efficient when it came to establishing a strong relationship with students. Hence, it was essential for us to gain insights on metrics such as call recordings with students, average talk time, top-performing emails, and more. LeadSquared has helped us personalize our communication with applicants.” 

Every applicant has a unique requirement. This is best understood by the stage of the applicant in the enrollment funnel. Hence, addressing leads should be targeted and personalized. LeadSquared’s Admission Automation helps IMS  Noida gain mindshare into the funnel and automate personalized responses via emails, SMSs, and other channels as soon as a new student inquiry comes in. LeadSquared tracks the leads to find their engagement pattern and the content they actively consume. It also tracks the web pages they visit, the e-books, and articles they download, the emails they click, the webinars they attend  and much more. The team uses this data to plan its outreach strategy. Based on this, LeadSquared helps send out relevant retargeting ads.

LeadSquared helps create engaging emails and provides data on the open and click rates. In addition, it helps identify and prioritize leads, understand their wants and expectations, and develop targeted communication strategies to feed applicants with content that they find relevant.

7. Enabling Seamlessness with Admission WorkflowAutomation

Automate all enrollment touchpoints right from applicant capture until enrollment

Applicants are looking to choose an institute that helps them throughout their journey. They also look for prompt responses from the institute and for their queries to get resolved in real-time. They leverage automation to reach out to prospective applicants on time and accordingly send out drip campaigns and engage with them based on pre-defined logic. This ensures a constant engagement is maintained.

8. Providing Complete Mindshare in the Admission Process:

LeadSquared helps the team make informed decisions and finalize a budget by providing relevant KPIs and performance metrics. It removes bottlenecks from the admissions process and improves sales productivity. It also keeps a tab on all the deals the admission reps are closing or are moving into the pipeline. LeadSquared’s Admission Automation helps track call volume, connect rate, and successful conversation numbers, and other metrics. IMS Noida manages all student data centrally with varied access available to the different teams – counselors, admissions, and others. This ensures complete visibility into all the applicants’ profilesactivities, and progress and a holistic view of the student profiles.

LeadSquared Result:

LeadSquared has streamlined our admissions process. We have gained significant visibility and efficiency into the admission funnel and process. Admission counselors can now ignore manual tasks and concentrate on applicants with a higher chance of a conversion. Therefore, in terms of student conversions, we have seen a 20% hike and have also increased admission efficiency by 30%.

“It has been a great learning experience for us. Higher-Education is reluctant to move digital, but ever since we implemented LeadSquared, it has been the backbone for our enrollments. Unfortunately, Higher-Ed has been subjected to significant headwinds due to the pandemic. But, due to this implementation, we have seen increased admissions efficiency and higher engagement rates.”