How a Leading Online Payment App Streamlines Merchant Onboarding Operations Using LeadSquared

LeadSquared has been a valuable partner for us. They have helped us scale efficiently and deliver a world-class experience to field agents. This, in turn, has enabled us to smoothly onboard thousands of small and medium-sized businesses.

Leading Online Payment App Streamlines Merchant Onboarding Operations Using LeadSquared

Streamline your merchant onboarding operations with LeadSquared

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Onboarding Timelines


Missed Opportunities


Agent Productivity


FOS Churn

Leading Online Payment App Uses LeadSquared Because It Helps

  • Streamline Merchant Onboarding
  • Bring Structure to the Process
  • Improve Process and Agent Efficiency
  • Create More Visibility in the Business Process

Onboarding Timelines


Missed Opportunities


Agent Productivity


FOS Churn

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As a leader in digital payment services, they serve millions of customers and merchants via its payment solutions.

Company Vision

Leading Online Payment App wanted to create a merchant onboarding process that was cohesive and frictionless at the same time. Such a process would pave the way to a great onboarding experience for millions of its future customers, empowering more Indian merchants to try digital payments for the first time. Additionally, it aimed to onboard merchants faster and more seamlessly.  

The aim was also to:

  • Scale efficiently and quickly
  • Enhance agent efficiency and productivity
  • Encourage data-driven decision-making with real-time insights
  • Simplify the onboarding process
  • Manage the growing network of tens of thousands of agents conveniently

First, to achieve this vision, lead distribution challenges, transparency, duplicate onboarding issues, and so on would have to be addressed. 

So, they collaborated with LeadSquared, a sales efficiency solution with end-to-end execution capabilities, to further strengthen and realise its vision of delivering a 360-degree excellent merchant experience. 

 Here’s the complete story.

Goals Set By The Management

1. To improve capture/distribution of new merchant leads

The team wanted to simplify the lead capture/upload process and create a hierarchy-based distribution automation.

2. To re-design the flow of leads across teams

It was essential to bridge the gaps between individual teams (acquisition, farming, and audit teams) to improve their process efficiency.

3. To enhance agent productivity and pipeline transparency

The team wanted to enhance the assessment of pipeline health and agent productivity.

4. To limit any errors and duplication during merchant onboarding

One way to boost pipeline quality was to install a mechanism to identify duplicate onboarding.

5. To improve agent experience and boost lifecycle duration

For a better user experience, agents could benefit from a simple and easy-to-use interface within their merchant onboarding app.

6. To develop a unified inventory management experience

The leaders wanted to install new IM capabilities and streamline the allocation of resources to new merchant leads.

Solutions Provided By LeadSquared

1. Effortless lead capture and distribution capabilities

Dynamic forms for agents, bulk upload via CSV, hierarchy-based distribution, and auto-task creation helped cut manual effort.

2. Automated logic to curb duplication and geo-fenced activities

De-duplication logic eliminated duplicate onboarding; geo-fenced activities solved any location-related onboarding challenges

3. Incentive management and auto-deactivation of agent accounts

Tracking agent payroll data and automatically de-activating churned agent accounts saved many resources

4. Centralised application for all teams

User-specific dashboards and SmartViews features helped prevent missed opportunities and improved the quality of onboarding.

5. Intelligent reports to check activities and pipeline quality

Visibility into the process improved through ETL reports, real-time status, email/batch-upload reports, attendance reports, and more.

6. Unified merchant onboarding and IM module

Check-in/out, document upload, merchant registration, auditing, and inventory management – all in a single application – were used to achieve this goal.