Stop Wasting Time on Junk Leads with Lead Qualification

Focus your sales efforts on leads that meet your quality criteria

Lead qualification - Chase the best list first

Help your team chase the high-quality leads first

Customize lead quality score

Customize your lead qualification criteria

Customize the lead qualification criteria completely to your business needs. Assign high scores to certain lead attributes, like a designation, a geography etc. You can even create custom lead fields or activities, and include them as qualification criteria.

Discard invalid leads

Discard invalid leads at the point of origin

Use email and phone number validators to keep junk and non-serious leads from entering your sales cycle. This makes sure that your sales funnel remains clean (because bots, spammers and visitors not willing to share their correct info would be filtered out at the onset).

Use quality score

Use quality score to filter junk leads

Assign high scores to leads that fit your ideal customer persona. This helps filter out the leads that are completely different from your target audience, so that your team doesn’t waste time chasing them.

lead score

Find leads that need immediate attention

Some leads might be in the final stages of making their buying decision. Set up the system to identify these telling-signs, like when a lead clicks on “Send me a quote” link in the email. Get notified when such an activity occurs to increase the chances of closure.

Sales activity notification

Get notified on sales-relevant activities

Get notified when a high-quality lead arrives (a lead that perfectly matches all your Quality criteria). Also get notified on a sales-relevant action, like when the lead clicks an important link on your email. Chase these opportunities first.

Improve sales efficiency

Improve your sales efficiency

Use these lead qualification rules to help your sales team prioritize their work everyday. Bring the response time for these high-quality leads down to zero and increase their chance of conversion.

Lead quality report

Don’t get misled by the high number of leads you are generating. You’ll always have an idea of the percentage of high-quality leads in your database, and high-quality leads being generated everyday.

Lead Qualification - Quality of leads in the funnel
Lead qualification - Phone number verification on landing pages

Mobile number verification

Filter out the junk leads during lead capture with mobile number verification. Watch your sales team get more closures, as now they chase only the genuine leads.

300% increase in sales conversion

“We have experienced a tremendous increase in footfalls to conversions, from 9% last year to 21% this year. This increase directly co-relates to the ease of identifying leads that are qualified. Customer experience has gone up as well because of ease of setting up automations.”

Sunny D'Souza - Deeksha Learning

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