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  • Grow your seller operations at scale
  • Ensure all your teams are well connected 
  • Manage service partner onboarding at scale 
  • Engage your buyers & manage buyer relationships 
  • Decrease document filing time by 90% 

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We’re here to answer all your questions!

Customers who use LeadSquared report


Increase in conversions


Increase in leads


Increase in supplier onboarding productivity

Increase in sales efficiency

With the help of LeadSquared, we have been able to leverage data and technology to drive revenue through sales efficiency

70% increase in productivity

Where an individual salesperson took around 8-10 mins to fill in the required details of a prospective supplier, with LeadSquared it just takes a minute. We are very pleased to see that the productivity of the team has increased to 70% from an earlier 5-10%