Customer Analysis Report - Analyze Your Customer Acquisition Process

Get detailed insight about how your customers are acquired, time taken to acquire customers, lead source with highest conversion and much more

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Know how many customer were acquired in a given time period

LeadSquared’s customer analysis reports help you visualize how many customers were acquired by your team during a particular duration. Compare this data with your target to analyze whether you are ahead or lagging.

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acquisition against different parameters

Compare your customer acquisition data against different parameters

Get in-depth detail about your customer acquisition process across different criteria. See which sales agent, lead sources, locations, marketing campaigns etc. drives maximum conversion for you.

Analyze average time taken by your team to convert a prospect into customer

Know how much time is taken to convert your prospects into customers. With this data understand which lead sources, locations, sales agents etc. converts maximum customers in minimum time and take required actions to minimize conversion time across different parameters.

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Evaluate which activities convert maximum prospects into customers

Customer analysis reports help you understand how many prospects were converted from different activities like phone calls, meetings, emails and much more. It also suggests an average number of activities which needs to be performed for converting prospects into customers. You can also identify your most conversion driving activity with customer analysis report.

Keep record of your website visitors

Analyze the number of website visitors who come to your website and how many get converted. You can also analyze which website or campaigns is bringing you maximum conversions helping you make informed decisions

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Easily export, access and share your customer analysis reports

Access your customer analysis reports even when you are offline. Export these records without any hassle in XLS, PDF and CSV format.

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