lead management app engages leads

A usual day in the life of a salesperson is a constant hustle for managing a variety of tasks simultaneously. It is a repetitive ritual of sales calls, follow-ups, meetings, and so on. Especially when your lead inflow is high, the entire sales paradigm shifts into an untargeted and mediocre approach. Consequently, the results are far away from any reward or recognition. Lead leakages become quite prominent and potential buyers sway away to your competitors; whoever can assist them better. 

To stop these circumstances from prevailing in your company, you must fuel your innovative side.

Think! What are you doing wrong? Identify bottlenecks.

Most of them would be around, improper positioning of your product/service, haphazard sales pitches, shallow lead engagement, or missed follow-ups, these are the common ones. 

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could keep these in check, without lifting your finger? Well, there is a technological solution – Lead Management App. Paradoxically, it requires you to press a finger and then lift it. Click on the Lead Management System to see the solution in action and focus your attention on every lead, the way they expect it. 

Not convinced?  Let’s look at it in detail.

What is Lead Management App?

In today’s business landscape, every buyer has a particular need; they expect you to provide undivided attention to anticipate what’s important to them. The lead management app empowers you to leverage technology as the key to addresses their expectations.

Lead management app serves as an essential tool in capturing leads, scoring them by tracking, prioritizing them based on lead score, nurturing them throughout the sales funnel, and monitoring their interaction with your sales agents, even outside the office. Simply put, the lead management app maintains an organized repository of all your leads, with insights into their interests and expectations. It helps you to know your potential customers better and position your product positively so that it benefits them both personally and professionally. 

On-field agents can use lead management to auto plan their day, get a time-efficient overview of new leads assigned, pending tasks, meetings in the proximity, and more. Basically, the application makes them more productive by cutting the redundancies and providing relevant assistance in completing their tasks at pace. 

In a nutshell, the lead management app helps your organization to deliver results of commercial value by assisting the teams to become more productive, proactive, and efficient in achieving their sales targets consistently. 

Now, a creative mind would simply ask why they need a lead management app. Let me satiate your curiosity. 

6 Reasons Why You Need a Lead Management App 

Like your friend suggested, “Use excel sheets for managing lead”, that’s right, but majorly, for a lesser number of leads. When the lead volume increases, it becomes difficult, as it gets chaotic.

In the spirit where leads are most important, the lead management app enables you to clear out the chaos by bringing sales automation into the picture. 

To phrase it in simpler terms, the lead management app brings in all leads stored in different silos, under one platform. A comprehensive yet precise view of all leads in one place enables you to monitor and assist them better. Automation, on the other hand, clears the clutter of redundant tasks, like manually adding new leads, segmenting and distributing them, and so on. Now let us look at the exact reasons for you to think about the lead management app. 

Never miss a single inquiry

Distraction is a daily guest in the lives of salespeople. You feel that you are concentrating, but in-fact, your subconscious is full of different tasks and activities to be done. In such situations, your attention gets divided and before you realize, you start missing inquiries. 

Salespeople swallow this bitter fruit of honest efforts and move on. When this becomes a periodic thing, the result is a sheer absence of any burning, driving passion; craving success in their role. Simply put, it becomes a monotonous job.

Being a sales leader it’s quite evident that you would not want your team to embark on such a sales journey. Instead, you want to keep them motivated, enthusiastic, and driven to surpass their targets. The lead management app supports this idea. It ensures that you do not miss a single inquiry, no matter how thick the things are. The lead management tool captures inquiries from all your channels – PPC, social media, website, etc, allowing you to focus more on vital activities like pitching your product/service and follow-ups.  

Engage your leads throughout the sales funnel

lead management app engages leads

The decision-making process of your lead can be a prolonged approach. Your leads could be comparing their options or evaluating your products/services. For this entire duration, you must keep them engaged with your company and cultivate your business relationship. 

The best way to do that is by reminding them about your company, time and again. Your marketing team would be working on different blogs, e-books, whitepapers, webinars, etc. Use these to get their attention. Supply relevant inputs at the right time to forge a robust relationship with your leads. 

The lead management app enables you to engage and nurture your leads, throughout the sales funnel. By identifying relevant triggers, you can send them personalized emails, introductory offers, webinar invitations, and more, automatically. These informatory and promotional inputs lubricate the sales funnel and promote frictionless conversions.

Improve the quality of your sales pitch and follow-up.

Sales pitches and follow up calls are prone to get robotic, when you do not understand your leads properly. Conveying a repeated string of words, woven into a “sales pitch”, would not deliver any gains, but will become counterproductive and undermine your company’s trust. 

If I can borrow a quote from the American drama, Friday Night Lights, I would say, “Success is not a goal, it’s a byproduct.”

Similarly, in sales, closing a deal is not a goal, it is a byproduct. It is a byproduct of forging a trustworthy relationship with your lead.

To do this, you must visualize your lead’s personal or professional goal. If you are selling to a B2B client, you must think like a leader, if it’s a B2C deal, empathize with the lead, put yourself in their shoes, and think how you can help them. It will enable you to gain their trust, sell your product. 

lead management app helps to improve the quality of sales pitch

Evidently, you cannot identify their professional goals with just names and email-ids, you need additional inputs. The lead management app helps you to gain these additional inputs by tracking the lead’s activity. The application shows you the entire journey of the lead through the website, their responses to your emails (CTR, opens, bounces), notes from phone calls and more. 

With this, you can find out what content is engaging your potential buyer, and pen down their interest. Subsequently, you can prepare sales pitches and follow-ups that position your product in-line with the buyer’s interest. 

Address your lead’s expectations

Time is a precious asset. A salesperson will relate to its importance, as they do not have much, neither do their leads.

So what happens when your lead expects you to follow-up, and you forget? 

It’s simple, the lead forgets to give you the deal.

It’s unfortunate but common. This does not happen because the lead is highly impatient, but your competitors prevent you from testing the lead’s patience. Lead management app sets reminders for your calls, meetings, and follow-ups, and empowers you to rise above lead’s expectations. Not convinced? Here is a piece of supporting evidence.

Lead Management app
Case Study: LifCARE Pharmacy

Increase the productivity and efficiency of field sales agents.

Field sales is not as simple as going from one meeting to another and selling your product. It’s a lot more than what meets the eye. Field sales is about strategy, comprehensive product knowledge, knowing your customer, and creating the right buying environment.

The lead management app serves as a beneficial tool for executing this. The application auto plans and prioritizes agent’s tasks based on meetings scheduled and various other logics. The application acts as a wingman by informing you about your meetings, navigating to the location, showing possible meetings in proximity and more. Conclusively, it increases the productivity and efficiency of sales agents by enabling them to complete more meetings in less time. 

lead management app increases the productivity of field sales agents

Additionally, it enables managers to track every field sales agent in real-time and record the actual number of meetings done by leveraging the geo-tracking and geo-fencing feature of the app. 

Lead Management App-Field Sales E-book.

Close more deals

Making a sale is clearly more than just following a straitjacketed sales routine. As any routine activity leads to routine thinking, the same applies to the sales ecosystem. You must understand that your leads are people with different visions, initiatives, and motivations, and one routine won’t suit all. They expect personalization and will be allured by it. 

But even then, some leads are oddly disengaged. It may be because they could be looking for a completely different product, or have very little buying intention. In such scenarios, you would want to focus more on those leads that display a profound interest in your product of service.

But how will you identify that?  

Lead management app enables you to unravel this mystery by scoring leads based on specific criteria. For example you can score leads based on their visit to your website’s pricing page, response to your email’s, etc. After monitoring the lead score, the lead management app prioritizes the leads in real-time.

It empowers you to reach more potential buyers in a limited time frame, enabling you to close more deals with a fraction of efforts.

Try lead management mobile application on Play store and App store.

Final Thoughts

Lead Management App becomes an indispensable asset for businesses that aims at forging trustworthy relationships with their leads and gaining more customers. It enables you to leverage your creative thinking and personalize your sales methods by evaluating  lead’s mindset.

Lead management app offered by LeadSquared caters to your business needs at an affordable price, while being flexible, easy to learn, and use, even by teams with no prior tech background. 

As it is said, a true leader always strives for the betterment of their team. So, give your sales and marketing teams the benefit of technology and automation and help them achieve their targets well before-time. 

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