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Recorded Webinars

    Building Customer Connections The Growth Strategy for Businesses
    Building Customer Connections: The Growth Strategy for Businesses

    Accelerate business revenue growth through customer connections, CX strategies, personalized experiences, and advanced telephony and CRM solutions.

    Driving Sales Performance With Nudging
    Driving Sales Performance With Push Notifications

    In this webinar, learn how to drive sales performance with digital nudging and how it can help your business.

    Delivering Smart Customer-Centric Experience
    Delivering Smart Customer-Centric Experience: The Key to Scaling Revenue

    This webinar will explore the importance of delivering a customer-centric experience and provide a 3-step guide highlighting practical strategies for driving revenue through personalized customer experience.

    Re-shaping the EdTech Industry in 2023
    Re-shaping the EdTech Industry in 2023

    Join us for a session where experts from the EdTech industry will talk about the upcoming trends and strategies for improved customer acquisition.

    How to Build Effective Sales Incentive Program
    How to Build a Highly Effective Sales Incentive Program

    In this webinar, learn about how to effectively promote incentives and reward structures to boost productivity according to your business.

    Smart Sales Goal Hacks
    Smart Sales Goal Hacks Every Manager Should Know

    This webinar teaches how to set clear goals that shape behavior and drive revenue according to your business.

Case studies

    CK Birla hospital
    CK Birla Increases Patient Conversions by 5X with LeadSquared

    CK Birla Hospital, one of the top hospitals in India, struggled to capture leads from multiple sources. But, implementing LeadSquared helped them resolve their challenges and improve patient conversions!

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    Amazon Pay Streamlines Merchant Onboarding Operations Using LeadSquared
    Amazon Pay Streamlines Merchant Onboarding Operations Using LeadSquared

    Learn how Amazon Pay optimized their merchant onboarding operations, improved agent productivity and built a unified inventory management experience.

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    AdmitKard Improves Scalability & Structures Operations Through LeadSquared Automation Platform

    Read how AdmitKard increased 2X in revenue & improved operational efficiency after implementing LeadSquared.

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    St Andrews University
    St Andrews Changes the Admissions Game with LeadSquared’s Student Engagement Platform

    Read how St. Andrews changed their admissions game with LeadSquared's student engagement platform and achieve 100% counsellor efficiency

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    LearnBay teams operate synchronously on LeadSquared to improve productivity by 120%

    Read how LearnBay improved team efficiency by 120% and implemented LeadSquared for teams to work in sync across functions

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    Ennoble Featured Image
    Ennoble Care Achieves 100% Process Visibility with LeadSquared

    Ennoble Care gets complete visibility into their pipeline to deliver timely, optimum healthcare to their patients.

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