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I love LeadSquared for its flexibility. It has been able to catalyze our transition from a B2B to a B2C business model. Both my sales & marketing teams are happier than ever. We look forward to growing together with LeadSquared”

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Increase in Process Efficiency

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Automat Industries Loves LeadSquared For:

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Increase in Process Efficiency

15 Minutes

Turnaround Time


Performance Tracking


Sales Management

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About Automat Industries

Automat Industries are the world’s leading manufacturers of micro-irrigation components. With over 350 products to their name, Automat has established its presence in more than 110 countries. On 1st March 2022, they completed 50 years in the irrigation industry. 

Situation Overview  

Before the pandemic, the irrigation market in India was largely driven by government subsidies.  

The supply chain process looked like this. 

  1. Manufacturers like Automat supply components to government OEMs.  
  2. Government OEMs assemble and distribute finished products. 
  3. Farmers procured these products through government-controlled channels.  

Recently, however, the government has taken deliberate steps to reduce subsidies in this industry. The market is undergoing a paradigm shift from a subsidy to a cash market. Consumers have now started purchasing from brands, and this trend is only going to increase. 

Due to these external factors, Automat decided to transition from a B2B to a B2C business model. This transition meant a substantial increase in Lead Flux, which couldn’t be handled by Automat’s previous processes.  

Currently, Automat generates 90% of its leads from  

  • B2B marketplaces like IndiaMART. 
  • Social media platforms like Facebook. 
  • Google Ads for international markets.  

Automat primarily uses WhatsApp for lead nurturing and communicating with prospects.  


1. More rework with manual lead management

Earlier, Automat’s lead capturing + sorting process took about 7-9 hours. This process required a dedicated person to execute the same.

2. Lengthy Response Times

It took over three days to initiate the first touch with a prospect. This high TAT (Turnaround time) resulted in low engagement levels and increased drop-off rates.

3. Lack of an extensive reporting tool

Automat did not have access to extensive reporting tools for analysing sales performance and digital marketing campaigns. Generating comprehensive reports was a considerable challenge and required lots of effort.


Eliminate manual grunt work with complete process automation

“Automation is my favourite feature. It’s almost like I don’t have to do anything. All I must do is configure the automation according to our current campaign requirements, and then sit back and relax”  

Automat has integrated all its lead generation platforms (IndiaMART, Google Ads, Facebook) with LeadSquared. Through automation, leads are instantly captured, scored, and distributed according to Automat’s sales requirements. 

This has exponentially reduced the time taken and eliminated the need for a designated person to undertake lead processing work.  

Automated Lead Management

Increased employee productivity

“Everything that the sales employee needs to plan their day is available on a customized dashboard. Not only does this makes their life easy, but the ability to view all their pending tasks in one place also adds to their productivity.” 

Reps can filter pending tasks according to lead stage/quality and prioritize high-intent leads from the get-go. Moreover, automated reminders ensure that no calls or follow-ups are missed. 

Enabling real-time tracking & detailed reports  

Real-Time Tracking

Through detailed reports and analytics, Automat was able to gauge ROI from multiple digital campaigns. By getting a better understanding of what works and what doesn’t, leaders were able to make the required changes to their sales & marketing strategy. 

User-friendly mobile application 

LeadSquared mobile CRM made field activities effortless for Automat. They were easily able to assign and track lead status, while automated reminders and smartviews ensured reps never missed out on follow-ups. 

Instant communication with WhatsApp integration.   

By integrating WhatsApp with LeadSquared, Automat was able to speed-up its lead nurturing process. They could instantaneously send a WhatsApp text when a lead was captured. This dramatically reduced lead turnaround time from over 3 days to 15 minutes, leading to increased engagement levels and decreased drop-off rates.  

Instant Communication


LeadSquared’s extensive lead management capabilities have helped Automat seamlessly transition from a B2B to a B2C model. Automat has been able to integrate all its lead sources and automate major processes. In the long term, the company looks forward to scaling its operations with LeadSquared.