Ananda Spa’s Journey to Better Lead Management

In the Hospitality Industry, it is a little difficult to monitor conversion activities. This is mainly because of the varied offline and online channels that we use. But since using the tool, out marketing activities have streamlined. Other things that have helped a lot are the Lead Scoring Feature and the email tool.

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Lead Nurturing


Data Management


Marketing insights

Ananda Spa loves LeadSquared for:

  • Improved lead nurturing capabilities
  • Comprehensive lead data management
  • Better marketing insights and therefore better decision making
  • Improved sales performance management

Lead Nurturing


Data Management


Marketing insights

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Ananda in the Himalayas is a luxury destination spa spread across 100-acres of Maharaja palace’s estate. Amidst lush forests, it overlooks the spiritual city of Rishikesh and the Ganges river valley, and has people pouring in from all over India for health and rejuvenation retreats. With several traditional and digital marketing programs in place, they had lots of leads and inquiries coming in, and as a result were finding it hard to manage them all in one place. Thus began their search for an integrated lead capture and lead management solution.

Aashica Khanna, the VP, Operations at IHHR Hospitality, talks to us about how their problem was solved.

Lead Management - Ananda Spa

The Business

Ananda in the Himalayas is a part of the IHHR hospitality group. We have been around for 16 years. Located in Rishikesh, we function as a health retreat. Customers can choose from an array of offerings such detox, weight loss, stress management or any other specific health goals that they may have. People also come over to relax and rejuvenate as the surroundings are ideal for a break away from the chaos of daily life.

Lead Generation Channels

Our online channels are :

  • Google Ads
  • Social media
  • Offers on the website

Besides that, we also have offline channels, such as

  • Outbound calls
  • Word of mouth and referrals from old clients
  • Events

Before LeadSquared

We were using a basic data management tool designed for hotels. But we didn’t have a specific lead management system.

The Requirement: Lead Source Integration

We wanted a tool that would not only help us capture and manage all our leads in one place, but also integrate both our sales and marketing activities together. Sales and marketing teams had their separate databases to work on, and neither had an idea of what was going on with the other. This led to confusion, duplication of effort, and plain overlap in followups.

After LeadSquared

We chose LeadSquared primarily because of the good reviews it has obtained in the market. And yes, it has helped us big time. It has helped us consolidate our data and direct our sales and marketing goals effectively.

Summary of Benefits

  • Better Lead Nurturing by providing more personalized content.
  • Comprehensive Data Management that lets us know all there is about the lead.
  • Better Marketing insights and therefore better decision making.
  • Lead Scoring helped us prioritize our leads well.
  • Email campaigns helped us send out timely and customized emails.
  • Better analytics helped us gauge the efficacy of our campaigns.
  • Improved Performance Management of our sales team.

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