How Mettl Doubled Its Lead Volume Every Quarter

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Online assessment platform Mettl, helps organizations across different industries, make sure that their next hire is not a misfire. This talent measurement and analytics company, has been around for about 6 years and has won numerous accolades within this period, and has offices in 2 continents!

But things were not as smooth as they sound, about a year ago. They were getting lower than expected conversions from marketing campaigns. Leads were disengaged. The sales team did not have the kind of data they needed to keep the sales funnel going. And finally, their existing CRM system was not being able to scale at the rate they were growing.

What was needed? “A versatile marketing automation platform that could help us in curating a solid database of our targeting audience and one that had the perfect tools to keep them engaged,” explains Bhavya Sahni, Head – Marketing at Mettl. Here’s their story:

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The Team

We have an in-house marketing team of 8 members who look after all aspects of marketing in our company, particularly SEO and SEM.

Lead Generation Channels

We invest in a number of lead generation channels like PPC, social media, email marketing, webinar and other online and outdoor events. However, our focus is mainly on SEO, mainly to get discovered through organic measures and carefully targeted email marketing.

The Challenge

Creating HTML landing pages for each PPC campaign was time-consuming

Prior to using LeadSquared Marketing Software, we were using Zoho for sales CRM. On the marketing front, we were spending heavily on Google Ads (PPC) and were troubling our technology team to create landing pages for us. That was eating away our time and budget.

Disengaged leads due to lack of engagement features in the existing CRM tool

We encountered certain challenges on the engagement front as well. Sharing our content resources with our audience to engage them better was not something we were doing at the time (but needed to). And for that, we needed a versatile marketing automation platform which could help us in curating a solid database of our targeting audience and one that had the perfect tools to keep them engaged.

Not enough data in hand to do any meaningful analysis of sales & marketing performance

Moreover, we were struggling with generating insights around our efforts as it was difficult to measure the effectiveness of our campaigns. We were literally shooting in the dark in the beginning of our marketing journey. So, there was a growing pain to generate strong insights around our target audience as to how they are responding to our existing strategy.

The Solution

After evaluating a couple of tools, we decided to go ahead with LeadSquared. And that changed everything.

DIY landing pages simplified the lead capture process

LeadSquared Marketing Software enabled us to push out landing pages faster and helped the marketing team stay agile. The user-friendly drag and drop editor helped us create landing pages in less than an hour’s time and the entire mail campaign would be pushed out in 2 hours. That was a win for us.

Email campaigns & autoresponders enhanced lead engagement

We started focusing on generating insights around our targeted audience, as we wished to focus on only measurable marketing channels. So, we only paid attention to driving targeted campaigns which we could measure and iterate and later build our go-to strategy around it.

The unique feature of enabling sales teams to see the visitors from the database on the website, real time has helped us reach out to leads at an optimal time, furthering our sales. In other words, LeadSquared provided us with a lot of insights which set the ball rolling for us.

Comprehensive analysis of sales & marketing performance with

  • Intelligent Lead Prioritization: The lead scoring feature basically tells you about how engaged is your audience, what’s their response to it, which does sound like a general information. However, we were able to transcend it into an insight and used it in categorizing our audience and designed targeted email campaigns accordingly. This approach helped us in engaging them faster, as once we categorized our database, we patched the audience with a low engagement score to our strategically designed drip campaign. Though we are still working on optimizing our drip campaigns, we still managed to engage and push 8-10% of the database from our low engaged category to high or medium engagement category.
  • Better Attribution of Marketing Efforts: The lead tracking feature helped us in tracking our efforts on various channels. It gave us an insight about our most engaged marketing channels and identified those areas which needed more efforts for conversions. Moreover, it helped us in realizing our efforts in planning our marketing investments.
  • Increased Webinar Engagement: With the GoToWebinar integration, we were able to track and engage our webinar audience effectively. A simple autofill snippet increased our webinar registration sign-ups by 30%.

Key Benefits:

  • Lead generation from online channels shot up by approximately 2x per quarter
  • Our net email engagement increased by 10-12% and our open rate increased from 6-8% to 10-12%
  • The revenue by email marketing went up by a factor of 2 in this FY
  • Lead to customer conversion has gone up by 5-7%

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“We are able to analyze the effectiveness of our sales & marketing efforts better with LeadSquared Marketing Software. Features like UTM tracking & lead score helped us build a comprehensive go-to strategy for our potential clients & serves as a fundamental insight for our email outreach.”