How LifCare pharmacy increased their conversion rates by 400%

LifCare is an online subscription pharmacy with operations in Delhi NCR and in some cities in Rajasthan. They help deliver regular medications to people with ailments such as diabetes or high blood pressure. Once a subscription is placed, a pharmacist collects the prescription and the medicines are delivered to their doorstep as and when required.

When it all started it was easy to manage the inflow of leads and the sales team that they had. “But, as we scaled up, our team of 60 field agents was bringing in 15-20 leads a day. We soon realized that manually entering and managing our leads using excel was not working out,” says Rahul Bantiya, the Head of Growth and Marketing at LifCARE.

This is when Rahul remembered a call he had with a CRM a long time back. However, he had dismissed it at the time. However, keeping with the need of the company, he decided to take a demo of the tool. “And that’s how we became a customer of LeadSquared,” smiles Rahul.

Scaling with their needs:

Currently, their field sales team has scaled up to a field team of 150, and an in-house team of about 25. “Initially, our lead generation was mainly through the app or through our field activities. Now, we have started running paid campaigns on Facebook and Google AdWords. Collectively, we now bring in an inflow of 300,000 leads a month. With such a large volume of leads and an ever-expanding team, LeadSquared is what has helped us to keep everything in check and add some amount of order to our team as well.

The best part of LeadSquared is that as the team grew, LeadSquared accommodated and helped us during that growth. We were able to increase our contact list and user list, and it was built to handle any number of leads that come in.”

Better follow-ups:

Following up with the leads using excel sheets was not only difficult for LifCare, it also led to a lot of manual error. This resulted in a significant loss of business.

“The whole follow-up process became a little too confusing for us while we were doing it manually. But now, keeping track of our leads and their status became much easier. In fact, our lead to customer ratio has gone up by 400% after implementing LeadSquared.”

Rahul also encourages his team to use LeadSquared to keep their customers engaged. They use SMS automation extensively so that the customer gets an SMS reminding him of his renewal just before their medicines are about to run out.

Efficient field sales:

For LifCare, field agents were their backbone. Since their target audience was generally above the age of 40, most of their leads were collected through offline marketing. This was either by going door to door, or through health camps.

Even after they scaled up a significant section of their sales team was on the field. Now a new challenge presented itself. They needed to keep a track of the field team’s daily activities and keep a check on their performance.

“The LeadSquared mobile app has been a huge help to us on this account. We have implemented field tracking as well as real-time location tracking. This helps us avoid any kind of fraudulent activities as well as keep a check on their movements.”

Increased productivity:

With the use of email automation, location tracking, sales automation, and real-time analytics, the efficiency of the sales team for LifCare have gone up. “Not just the sales team, but also the management team has benefitted. They have seen their productivity increase by 100%.”

Rahul also extensively uses the reports feature in LeadSquared. He creates custom reports which he checks every morning. This helps him get a quick view of what has happened the previous day.