How Zoomcar Increased Sales Productivity by 80% Using LeadSquared

Sales Productivity - Zoomcar logoZoomcar is a self-drive car rental company headquartered in Bangalore, India, with an 80% market share across the country. The car sharing company is live in 28 cities with a fleet of 3000 plus cars. Customers can choose from a variety of cars ranging from BMW, Mercedes to Maruti Swift. “So if they want to travel with their family, they can take an SUV or if they want to go for a business meeting, they can take a Sedan, or if they just want to hang out with their friends, they can probably take a hatchback. The use case is simple, which is, solving the car-sharing problem,” explains Aditya Chintawar, the Product Manager at Zoomcar. The customer can book a car by the app or the website.

Other than that, the team at Zoomcar have started a new program called ZAP (Zoomcar Associate Program). “In a nutshell, it is about a person buying a car and putting it on our platform when he is not using it. We have observed that traditionally a person uses his own car for almost 10 to 15 percent, meaning the utilization of the car is only 10 to 15 percent, but the cost of the car and the capital expenditure is high. What we are trying to solve with ZAP and which we have successfully solved in the last one year is, the person listing the car in our platform when he is not using it, we pass our customer bookings to him and he generates revenue out of it. It has been a win-win situation for our customers, our associates and for Zoomcar per se,” says Aditya.

With the launch of ZAP, there arose a requirement for a sales and marketing automation tool. The team at Zoomcar evaluated a couple of sales productivity tools, to understand which one would fit them the best. “I think, I personally evaluated around three to four tools which were further evaluated by the business team,” says Aditya. They spent a good amount of time in evaluation because CRMs are generally a long-term investment. “We were thinking about what the right fit for our business would be and LeadSquared definitely came out much better than the competitors for the kind of scale we are looking at,” adds Aditya.

How LeadSquared increased sales productivity for ZAP?

ZAP has been using LeadSquared for all their sales leads. Typically, a lead is a person who goes into a website and registers for a program. The person is then redirected to a landing page where they get a better understanding of the product. Zoomcar realized that they were able to save a lot of operational effort using the tool. “We have drastically reduced the time needed to get things done. Things that earlier took me 20 days now take me just 5-10 hours. This has helped us build our own product in a constructive manner. Additionally, LeadSquared helps us measure our own performance, allowing us increased transparency in our own processes.”

Sales Productivity - Quote by Aditya

Zoomcar now finds contacting and engaging with customers easier. They can contact customers using automated triggers and sending out text messages or emails. They can also measure the performance and the interest of customers towards a program. This gives them the benefit of engaging with them at the right moment. “LeadSquared helps us with primary conversion and we have been happy using it for the past year.”

The API docs on the help portal have helped them solve most of their integration problems. However, during the process, they had generated some tickets regarding telephonic integration which was resolved by the LeadSquared support team in no time. Aditya was quite happy with the timely response.

Features that Zoomcar liked about LeadSquared:

Initially, Zoomcar wanted a few features which were not offered by LeadSquared. However, these features were delivered on time and have helped them regulate their business processes. Here are certain features Zoomcar particularly liked about LeadSquared:

  1. Creating Tasks and Reminders: Zoomcar has their people across various cities in India. LeadSquared has helped them map their activities and create tasks and reminders saving a lot of manual work and give a better customer experience.
  2. Connectors: LeadSquared has a lot of connectors so they can connect their telephones to the tool.
  3. Quality Check: All the front-end sales team or the telephonic sales team can easily call up the customers, have a track record of it, and know when to or when not to call a customer. This helps Zoomcar improve the quality of the way they engage with their customers. Thus, increasing their sales productivity.

Overall View:

LeadSquared has been efficient in measuring their sales productivity metrics. They don’t need to hunt for data anymore. With the help of LeadSquared, they know at the end of the day, what they are doing wrong and what needs to be improved. Integration with telephone has helped them improve their experience at sales. There are a lot of features that have been improved towards the platform, helping them to tremendously improve the customer experience.

“I exactly know at what stage of the funnel the customer is in and the problem he is facing. With LeadSquared everything is seamlessly managed. I think that has helped us a lot. We have made subscribing and buying a car simple and LeadSquared has matched that pace with us as a backend partner, ” concludes Aditya.