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Loves LeadSquared for
  • Improved Marketing Strategies
  • Increased Sales Efficiency
  • Better Follow-up Management
  • Vast Lead Capture Marketplace
  • Telephony and Chat Connectors
  • Ease of Scaling the Business

CrackVerbal is a leading test-preparation company, focusing on the entire application journey – from the time students start preparing for their GMAT/GRE to the time they get into a program of their choice. They have been efficiently providing students with MBA and MS admission consulting services. As their business expanded, they began looking out for a tool that could help them manage their leads better. Shreekala Kurup, the Co-founder and COO at CrackVerbal, recalls how LeadSquared helped them align their sales and marketing better.

CrackVerbal was started roughly 6-7 years ago as a full-fledged company for test preparation. They cater to GMAT and GRE students. They have classroom and online programs for students taking GRE and GMAT.

Shifting to LeadSquared

“We were using Infusionsoft even before we were registered as a company dating back to 2011. Even when we were just starting, we realized that a CRM is necessary for any business. At the time, not many organizations were using automation, but we were already sending email campaigns,” says Shreekala.

As the company grew, and their database expanded, they realized that their business processes were outdated. The major problems they faced were:

  • Lack of a proper reporting system for better planning
  • Nonexistence of a proper lead management system
  • Unavailability of a data tracking system
  • Absence of lead source tracking
  • Lack of data segmentation

“Even though Infusionsoft was a popular tool at the time, it was not working for us. The UI was cluttered and we were finding it difficult to use the tool.”

LeadSquared – The Primary Tool at CrackVerbal

“The Indian audience is more willing to share their phone numbers compared to the West. Since Infusionsoft was a US-based company, it did not allow us to capture our lead’s phone numbers easily. We had to create a workaround. Reports were also not readily available in the tool. We came across LeadSquared and found it to be the perfect tool for our business.”

call center management

Having a database of 35,000 students, the teams needed a good tool and wanted to capture every data, every conversation they had with their students, and all the services they offered.

Here’s how LeadSquared added value to their business:

Improved Marketing Strategies

They needed reports to improve their marketing campaigns, strategies and improve the quality of leads that they get. They wanted to know which source was giving them the most revenue.

lead management

Increased Sales Efficiency

CrackVerbal has a lot of leads coming their way. Thanks to a ripple effect, an improved marketing strategy, and good reviews, their lead volumes have multiplied. They now use LeadSquared’s scoring mechanism to figure out which leads need to be called first. This has improved the way that the call center team works and has improved its efficiency drastically.

Transparent Support System

Before, the support team had to continuously coordinate with the sales team to understand which course each lead is interested in. Or what they were looking for. Now, with the complete lead activity available, the support executive is able to help the leads immediately. They have seen a rise in the quality of support since they began using LeadSquared.

Better Follow-ups

They use the drip campaign and automation features extensively. Based on certain triggers and conditions, they ensure that each lead is followed up and nurtured. This has increased the engagement level of their leads as well. Also, the agents are notified anytime a new lead is assigned, further decreasing the time it takes to make the first contact.

LeadSquared Marketplace

CrackVerbal has been using these apps on the LeadSquared marketplace to add value to their business processes.

  • Lead Ads, Facebook Lead Ads, Facebook audience syncing.
  • Google AdWords’ sync which gives the lead capture and the other data helped to optimize and strategize our marketing campaigns.
  • Telephony connectors and chat apps.

Shreekala“LeadSquared has definitely contributed to an increase in efficiency in all our processes. Right now, our entire process is on the CRM. So much so, if LeadSquared were to go down, we’d feel handicapped. I also love how they keep rolling out regular updates. New features keep coming out, making our work much easier.”

– Shreekala Kurup, Co-founder and COO of CrackVerbal

Scaling Their Business with LeadSquared:

From the time that CrackVerbal has been using LeadSquared, they have seen a lot of changes in the productivity of their entire sales process. The management, in particular, has seen a jump in their own efficiency. LeadSquared’s dynamic reports make it possible for them to access data, both real-time and historical. If they wish to view the business’s performance in a particular quarter three years ago, they can do that easily.

More importantly, as CrackVerbal grew as a company, there was an increase in:

  • the number of leads
  • the number of emails being sent
  • the amount of data that needed to be analyzed
  • the number of salespeople that needed to be managed.

performance reports

All this became possible because LeadSquared was able to scale up to match their own growth. This helped the management take decisions much faster. In fact, Shreekala reports a 300% increase in their decision speed.

“I have been regularly recommending LeadSquared to my network. In fact, a lot of them. I think that every business, no matter how small, needs a CRM. And if they were on the lookout for a good one that can scale with their business , LeadSquared is the tool they should use,” says Shreekala.

What CrackVerbal Achieved with LeadSquared

  • 300% Faster Decisions
  • Easy Follow-ups = Sales Efficiency
  • Zero Lead Leakage
  • Ease of Scale
  • Productive Marketing & Sales Insights

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