CrackVerbal Increases Student Admissions by 30% with LeadSquared

CrackVerbal is a leading test-preparation company, focusing on the entire application journey – from the time students start preparing for their GMAT/GRE, to the time they get into a program of their choice. They have been efficiently providing students with MBA and MS admission consulting services. As their business expanded, they began looking out for a tool that could help them manage their leads better. Ashweej Chegu, the marketing executive at CrackVerbal, recalls how LeadSquared helped them align their sales and marketing better.

CrackVerbal was started roughly 6-7 years ago as a full-fledged company for test preparation. They cater to GMAT and GRE students. They have classroom and online programs for students taking GRE and GMAT.

Shifting to LeadSquared

“We were using Infusionsoft even before we were registered as a company dating back to 2011.”

As the company grew, and their database expanded, they realized that their business processes were outdated. The major problems they faced were:

  • Lack of a proper reporting system for better planning
  • Nonexistence of a proper lead management system
  • Unavailability of a data tracking system
  • Absence of lead source tracking
  • Lack of data segmentation

“All of these is something we really lagged in and wanted to evolve from Infusionsoft to a better product and that’s when we came across LeadSquared”. 

LeadSquared – The Primary Tool at CrackVerbal

“Right from lead capture till the servicing; the marketing team, the sales team, and the support team, it fits us all, and we all need it. It’s the primary tool for us”.

student recruitment

Having a database of 35,000 students, the teams needed a good tool and wanted to capture every data, every conversation they had with their students, and all the services they offered.

Here’s how LeadSquared added value to their business:

Improved Marketing Strategies

They needed reports to improve their marketing campaigns, strategies and improve the quality of leads that they get. They wanted to know which source was giving them the most revenue.

Increased Sales Efficiency

Based on a lead’s score, they filtered out the leads. This way they could easily categorize and prioritize their leads.

Transparent Support System

They don’t have to go and ask the sales owner about the history of the lead. Based on the activity history of every lead they can offer pretty much all the support they can.

Better follow ups

They use the drip campaign and automation features extensively. The marketing software allowed the team to automate the follow-up sequence and reduce lead leakage.

LeadSquared marketplace

CrackVerbal has been using these apps on the LeadSquared marketplace to add value to their business processes.

  • Lead Ads, Facebook Lead Ads, Facebook audience syncing.
  • Google AdWords’ sync which gives the lead capture and the other data helped to optimize and strategize our marketing campaigns.
  • Telephony connectors and chat apps.

“LeadSquared marketplace has some really good apps that we could connect to. All these apps on the marketplace are very good and useful”.

“LeadSquared gives a different view for a marketer or a salesperson, it is better than many. I think we have had a 20% to 30% increase in our sales for the past six months. As a product, it’s really good for an industry like ours, for all the teams in the company. Also, the support is really good from LeadSquared”.


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