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Every year, lakhs of students move from villages and small towns to metro cities in search of the right coaching institutes for competitive exams. Families end up sending their young children away for a long while, spending large amounts of money, only to have them come back disappointed in most cases. 

Being one of India’s fastest growing start-ups, the institute has devoted its heart and soul towards providing a caring, technology enabled Gurukul for students to study for competitive exams, close to the comfort of their homes. The programs focus on exam preparation (IIT JEE, CET, NEET). The company’s mission is to deliver this high-quality education in every district in India. 

Challenges Faced by The Institute

With multiple centers in almost every corner of the country, Avanti Learning started seeing a huge demand for its courses. As a result of the increase in student base, it got difficult for the team to manage the entire process on excel & google sheets which affected the sales team’s productivity

The major challenges faced by the team were:

  • Disconnect from Students: No direct connection with students (because of multiple centers & multi-tiered processes) caused information dilution.
  • Inbound Lead Leakage: The team missed out on inbound leads because of segregated lead generation channels and improper tracking.
  • No Student Journey Visibility: Decentralized student engagement caused limited or no visibility into student journey, causing the student experience to decline.
  • Lack of Centralized AnalyticsEach center functioned as a different unit, with limited visibility into its operations, reducing improvement chances. 

“Using excel & google sheets wasn’t very reasonable for a team as big as ours. Therefore, we needed a platform that could help us track our centers and improve our sales team’s productivity. Covid pandemic forced us to move our entire process onto digital platforms. LeadSquared had all the features that we wanted to transit through this phase smoothly.”

Features that Helped Achieve Sales Productivity

The various features that helped Avanti Learning scale are:

1. Capturing data with no delays or dilutions:

The Institute uses multiple student acquisition platforms, including online and offline channels. LeadSquared helps them capture student data with zero lead leakage and distribute them to different centers. Conversely, centers can upload data easily in a standardized excel format, ensuring no delay in data sharing with the headquarters.

The entire student data is managed centrally. It ensures that the headquarters have complete visibility into the performance of each center. 

2. Complete student journey tracking:

Engaging with every student at the right time is critical but so is keeping track of the student engagement. The Institute tracks every single activity and interaction that a student has with the center using LeadSquared reports.

The system records all touchpoints with the enrolled students to stay updated on their progress. Phone calls, email/text interactions, or communication through any other channel. 


3. Improving the student experience and increasing retention:

The Institute uses LeadSquared to automate student communication on every channel, based on their courses of interest and stage in the application cycle. Relevant communication at the right time helps nurture them and decreases the student drop-off rate.
With live sessions running every day, the students are engaged through email, WhatsApp, and SMS

4. Improving sales productivity with complete visibility into center operations:

LeadSquared helps the institute get detailed level-wise insights into each center’s sales, revenue, counselor, source, course, moreover, every sales rep’s complete performance can be tracked, including the number of calls made each day, call duration, etc.

The  finance team uses LeadSquared forms and processes in order to capture the enrollment details and LeadSquared makes the process of reconciliation very easy and feasible for the finance team.


Since teaming up with LeadSquared, the institute has seen remarkable results. Team efficiency has improved drastically due to LeadSquared tracking. Additionally, they have been able to improve the total call duration of their sales reps from 40 mins a day to now 2 hrs every day. The system helps track all the leads right from the point they enter the system until the time they become a student. In conclusion, with LeadSquared’s introduction, there has been an increase in operational efficiency and sales productivity. The team plans to implement other LeadSquared features to scale further.

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