Sales Performance Report – Analyze the Performance of Your Sales Team

Track the performance of sales agents, follow-ups, meetings and much more with LeadSquared’s sales performance report

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sales report - sales funnel

Visualize your sales funnel

Know exactly where the leads are in your sales funnel with sales performance report. Check all the deals closed in this quarter, the pipeline for this month, forecast for next, average time taken for leads to move down the sales funnel and much more.

Clock your sales agents’ work time

Always know where your sales agents are at a particular time – this includes where and when they meet clients, where and when they check in and check out, and much more. Use this information get complete insight into your sales team’s performance.

sales performance report - check in check out
lead assigned vs contacted

Ensure that all leads are contacted

Sales performance report tells you how many leads were assigned to your sales agents and how many leads were contacted by them. This reduces your odds of missing out on even a single lead.

Get better insights on the follow-ups made

Track all the follow-ups made by your sales agent in the sales performance report. It also tells you about the follow-ups missed by them, helping you ensure that no stone is left unturned in driving your prospects towards conversion.

follow-up analysis
activities by user

Evaluate activities performed by your sales agents

Analyze all the activities performed by your sales team in past and in real-time, number of calls made, meetings completed etc. Segregate their activities as positive, negative or neutral based on their interaction with your prospects. Also understand how these activities are spread over various parameters, like lead stage, source etc.

Identify your top and under performers

Analyze the performance of each sales agents based on the time taken by them to contact the lead, number of leads contacted by them, activities performed by them, deals closed by them and various other parameters.

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field sales agent performance

Know the whereabouts of your field sales agents

Track the meeting locations of your field sales reps. Get real-time updates on how the conversation went, as your sales reps log the meeting details on the app.

Evaluate the meetings made by your field agents

In sales performance report, you can view all the upcoming meetings and track the status of past meetings. You can also analyze your agents’ meetings with prospects based on their sources and industry.

meeting analysis
revenue generated

Compare revenue generated against target

Sales performance report tells you about revenue generated by individual sales agents and your sales teams. Compare this data against their targets to analyze their performance.

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