Digital Nest Increases Sales Revenue by 10X using LeadSquared Admission Automation

“With a Lead Management System in place, Digital Nest is able to attract 5x more leads, manage them, and map their complete journey from capturing to closure. We’ve been able to bridge the gap between our teams and get rid of the operational issues that we faced earlier due to multiple center locations. With all the sales and marketing functionalities on a single platform, Digital Nest has increased its revenue by ten times

10x your sales productivity with LeadSquared.

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  • Easy Follow-ups – Zero Missed Opportunities
  • Complete Student Journey Tracking
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The Internet and smartphone usage in India is growing by 30% every year. So companies are in dire need of fresh and young talents who can push the companies in achieving their ROI by using various Digital Marketing Practices & Data Science techniques. An award-winning Digital Marketing, Big Data & Data Science course training institute, Digital Nest is working towards ensuring that students are ready to take up the digital challenges that are faced by various companies across the globe. The institute offers various certification courses to professionals, small business owners, freelancers, and students on Digital Marketing. It also covers Big Data Analytics, Data Science, Python, AWS, and many more through classroom and online classes across Hyderabad. Real-time industry experts design the curriculum keeping the latest updates in point of view.

Challenges Faced by the Institute:

As the team at Digital Nest expanded, a huge inflow of student inquiry started to come in. Implementing disparate systems helped the institute to manage its admission process for a while, but the team was on the lookout for a CRM that could handle both sales & marketing on a single dashboard.

Digital Nest implemented LeadSquared’s Admission automation  CRM in order to manage the complete student journey and have end-to-end visibility into the center operations.

The various challenges addressed by LeadSquared’s Admission Automation solution were:

  • Increase in student inquiries with the expansion of the institute
  • Managing multiple inquiries throughout centers
  • Operational issues because of multiple center locations
  • Distributing leads within team members without any lead leakage
  • Managing the lead journey with targeted communication

We tried using Zoho, but its user interface and functionalities did not stand up to our requirement. After we tested LeadSquared, we were very happy with how our team adapted to the system” – says Sandeep Santhosham, CEO, Digital Nest

Solutions Provided by LeadSquared’s Admission Automation:

1. Zero Lead Leakage with Multi-channel Lead Capturing:

Digital Nest captures leads from multiple channels including website, Google Ads, Facebook, and direct walk-ins. As a result, managing a huge amount of student data can be cumbersome and might lead to a loss of potential inquiries if mishandled. LeadSquared’s admission automation helps Digital Nest in capturing leads from all the sources. This includes all inbound, outbound, and missed calls by integration with the telephony. It helps in identifying the most profitable campaigns by attributing all the inquiries to their source. Therefore, the center managers can track and record each call and nurturing activity.

Admissions CRM for multi-center training institutes - lead capture using leadsquared's admission automation solution

2. Hassle-Free Lead Distribution:

Digital Nest uses LeadSquared lead distribution in order to distribute the leads. Distribution is based on location, course interested in, the source they are coming from, and much more. The best-fit agents are assigned leads, based on agent criteria, like seniority, performance, and more. Leads are distributed with capping logic to ensure that the agents aren’t assigned more leads than they handle without compromising on the call-quality. Round-robin distribution combined with the lead routing rules helps in limiting the distribution to available agents only. 

Lead Distribution - Distribute leads across your admissions team in a round robin manner or based on agent or lead attributes using leadsquared's admission automation solution

3. Targeted & Centralized Communication:

The process of nurturing leads involves engaging with prospective students by offering relevant information, intervening at the right time, and maintaining a sense of delight throughout every stage of a student’s buying journey. Similarly, LeadSquared helps Digital Nest in creating a nurturing workflow through automated emails and SMSs. Additionally, It supports running trigger-based automation campaigns based on the interest of the candidate or the lead stage. Moreover, LeadSquared’s smart list segmentation divides prospective students based on the course they have applied for, the demographics, the work experience, and more. They use this information to maintain relevant messaging across all communication channels.

Targeted Communication - Send out personalized communication related to admission inquiries using leadsquared smart automation solution for training centers

4. Lead Prioritization with Lead Scoring:

LeadSquared lead scoring helps Digital Nest in prioritizing its leads and follow-ups based on the lead-quality and sales-readiness. The score on every lead helps in identifying the students that are more likely to join the course. Additionally, the lead score helps in changing the lead stage automatically and pushes it down the funnel. As a result, the sales agents can plan their follow-ups and improve their productivity.

Lead prioritization - With the help of LeadSquared's admission automation suite prioritize the sales-ready leads first and help convert them faster

5. Centralised Analytics with 360º Student Journey View:

The student data is managed centrally with varied access available to the different centers of Digital Nest. This ensures that the headquarters have complete visibility into the data, activities, and progress of all the students, while the center has access to the data of their own students. It also gives detailed level-wise insights into the performance of each enter, counselor, and source. Digital Nest uses this data to guide the teams on the next best action.

centralized analytics with 360 degree student journey view - Understand your prospects intents and interests by keeping a track of the entire inquiry to admission journey with the help of leadsquared

LeadSquared Results

With a Lead Management System in place, Digital Nest is able to attract 5x more leads. We can now manage them and map their complete journey from capturing to closure. We’ve been able to bridge the gap between our teams as a result, getting rid of the operational issues that we faced earlier due to multiple center locations. With all the sales and marketing functionalities on a single platform, Digital Nest has increased its revenue by ten times.” – adds Sandeep Santhosham, CEO at Digital Nest.

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