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  • 100% Lead Capture
  • Easy Follow-ups - Zero Missed Opportunities
  • Complete Student Admission Journey Tracking
  • Detailed Reporting Capabilities
  • Managing Student Drop-Offs & Nurturing Leads

Established in 2005 and located in the serene surroundings of Uttarakhand, Roorkee Institute of Technology (RIT) has become a favorite destination of aspirants of science, technology, education, management, agriculture, Automation, and paramedical courses. Established under the aegis of  Himalayan Charitable Trust, RIT has stood true to its vision and mission of imparting qualitative futuristic education, instilling high values, and fostering growth. RIT imparts a value-based, well synthesized, and ambitious educational experience. Thus, post-admission, students enjoy multi-ethnic, multilingual, and multicultural experiences. This gives them global exposure and makes them a truly global citizen.

Challenges Faced by the Institute:

Admission management and student engagement are the key metrics to any successful admissions
process. Therefore, for a complete admissions success, RIT needed a high level of visibility and strong communication across the institution. But without a lead management and marketing automation system in place, the institute was facing multiple challenges such as:

  • Handling multiple processes like admissions and marketing manually
  • Managing the student drop-offs and nurturing leads manually
  • Gaps in communication throughout the university structure
  • Low counselor efficiency and productivity
  • Low lead-to-enrollment ratio
  • Improper tracking of the admissions process

Solution Provided by LeadSquareds’ Admission Automation:

1. Simplifying Applicant Admissions and Distribution with Automation:

RIT uses multiple sources to capture student admissions including online, walk-ins, phone calls, and through admission offices. To handle a high inflow of leads, RIT uses LeadSquared Admission Management System. LeadSquared helps them in capturing leads from all these sources without any lead leakage. These leads are further distributed to the counselors’ team for background verification of the applications. The distribution is round-robin and is done automatically based on various factors like course the student is interested in, location, preference, counselor availability, counselor performance, etc. RIT uses the de-duplication logic to ensure that no two similar leads are added into the system. This helps counselors in focusing on the right leads and saves them time.

Simplifying Applicant Admissions and Distribution with Automation

2. Managing Drop-off Journey by Intervening at the Right Time:

There are times when students abandon the application and drop off for many different reasons.
LeadSquareds’ Admission Automation helps RIT in tracking these applications and intervening at the right time. With automated communication, RIT can send out emails, SMSs, and campaigns through various channels to bring the dropped-off leads back to the application page. In case the student still doesn’t fill the application, it is further distributed to the counselors’ team to take further action. Even before reaching the application page, if a student shows interest in a particular course but drops off, LeadSquared helps RIT to run campaigns across all relevant channels – email, text, Facebook, google remarketing, WhatsApp, and more.

Managing Drop-off Journey by Intervening at the Right Time

3. Improving Counselor Efficiency by Prioritising Tasks to Qualify Applicants:

Counselors have multiple tasks to perform throughout the day including calls to prospective students, follow-ups with the engaged students, running nurturing campaigns, scheduling campus visits, and whatnot. With so much on their plate, counselors need to prioritize their leads to save them time. Using Lead Score and Quality Score, counselors can segregate their leads. For instance: an inquiry with a high lead and quality score must be pushed from the prospect stage to the opportunity stage. This will help the counselor understand that the lead is hot and has more chances of taking admissions. This not only helps in time management but also improves the productivity of the counselors’ team.

Improving Counselor Efficiency by Prioritising Tasks to Qualify Applicants

4. Enhancing Student Experience with Multi-channel Communication:

Every student is unique, and so is their requirement. Hence, it is essential to address every lead with a targeted and personalized message. LeadSquareds’ Admission Automation helps RIT in sending automated & personalized responses via emails, SMSs, or other channels as soon as an inquiry comes in. LeadSquared tracks the student leads to find how they are engaging with the website and all other marketing activities performed by RIT. It also tracks the web pages they visit, the e-books they download, the emails they click, and much more. The team uses this data to plan email campaigns. LeadSquared keeps track of emails sent by the team, as well as the open and click rates. LeadSquared helps in identifying and prioritizing leads, understands their needs and expectations, and develops targeted communication strategies to influence attitudes and behavior, and then measures the effectiveness of the overall process.

Enhancing Student Experience with Multi-channel Communication

5. In-depth Analytics for every Aspect of the Admissions Process:

LeadSquared helps in predicting cash flows, removing bottlenecks in the admissions process, and improving sales productivity. It also keeps a tab on all the deals the admission reps are closing or are moving into the pipeline. LeadSquareds’ Admission Automation helps track call volume, connect rate, and successful conversation numbers, and other metrics. RIT manages all your student data centrally with varied access available to the different teams – counselors, admissions, and others. This ensures complete visibility into the profiles, activities, and progress of all the applicants and a holistic view of the student profiles.

In-depth Analytics for every Aspect of the Admissions Process

LeadSquared Results:

The decision made by the management to go ahead with LeadSquared has been very fruitful for RIT. Our interaction with the potential students has never been so efficient before. LeadSquareds’ Admissions Management System has helped fine-tune the admissions process at RIT like a machine, which is synchronized with our daily activities. As a result of which our admissions process has increased our enrollment by 60%. Record-keeping and tracking have become more swift and systematic. Thus, LeadSquared has been of great advantage for us in these recent years“- says Amod Krishna, Dean at Roorkee Institute of Technology

What RIT Achieved with LeadSquared

  • 60% Increase in Enrollment Rate
  • Zero Lead Leakage
  • Managing Student Drop-Offs & Nurturing
  • Personalized Student Engagement
  • Productive Marketing & Admissions Insights

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