Revenue Reports – Drill down into Your Sales Wins

Analyze revenue generated based on sales agents, lead sources, geography etc. with LeadSquared’s revenue reports

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revenue report

Monitor your revenue performance with just one click

Revenue reports provide you with a detailed insight of your revenue performance against different parameters, giving you an in-depth understanding of your various sales wins.

Identify your over and under performing sales agents

View all the revenue generated by your sales agents and sales team within a given time period. Compare this data against their targets to analyze their performance and take required actions to increase revenue.

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revenue report - revenue geography

Evaluate your revenue performance geographically

Revenue reports help you learn which city, state, country generates maximum revenue for you. Use this data to implement similar strategies and increase ROI from your underperforming regions as well.

Compare revenue generated by your products

Know which product is bringing in maximum and minimum revenue for you. Compare this data against your target for each product and take required steps to meet and exceed your targets.

revenue by product

Identify the best sources in terms of revenue generation

With revenue reports, know the best performing lead sources in terms of ROI. Make informed decisions on which lead sources need to be invested in, and which ones should be ignored.

Understand which campaign brings you maximum revenue

LeadSquared’s revenue reports not only tells you which lead source brings the highest revenue but also the specific campaigns across these sources working the best for you.

campaign performance report
revenue growth

Visualize your growth trend better

Understand and visualize your revenue growth better with LeadSquared. Compare your present and past data and analyze your revenue performance. Forecast your future performance with our reports and ensure that you achieve your targets.

Easily share your revenue report

Export your revenue reports from LeadSquared in XLS and PDF format and easily share them with your management. You can also schedule automatic revenue report delivery to your inbox on a recurring basis. This would help you save time, and always keep you updated on the revenue performance.

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