Camp K12 Improves its Sales Efficiency with LeadSquared Automations

“Camp K12 has scaled manifolds since we raised a funding round. LeadSquared has helped us go through this expansion without compromising the efficiency per sales rep. Without taking much of the tech bandwidth, LeadSquared automations have been able to solve our purpose. We’ve been able to create a fast and consistent sales process by automating all our back-end and low-value tasks.

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Loves LeadSquared for:

  • Omni-channel marketing & analytics platform
  • Smooth flow of student data between teams
  • Fast and easy teacher onboarding
  • Workflow variations to enhance student engagement
  • Improved admissions rep efficiency & productivity








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While the mainstream education system in India falls short of equipping students for a tumultuous life ahead, Camp K12, a global online school provides interactive and gamified online sessions to teach coding along with other subjects. Headquartered in Gurgaon, Haryana; Camp K12 runs its custom programs during vacations, weekends, and ongoing school sessions, where students work on daily projects right from day one, as well as a final project that they present to their fellow campers, families, and school faculty at the end of the course.

With a belief that coding will be a significant differentiator in terms of employability, the team at Camp K12 focuses on teaching coding and other steam subjects to kids age 6-18 via live, interactive, and gamified online sessions.

Challenges faced by Camp K12

Prior to LeadSquared, Camp K12 was using disparate systems in order to handle different functions within the organization. Earlier, the team used Vtiger but soon recognized a missed opportunity. They couldn’t keep a track of the customer inquiries on the platform.

“Since Camp K12 follows a completely digital process, tracking everything- conversations, activities, salesperson, and closures- is key to us. Secondly, automation is another big piece that we were missing out on. In order to move leads faster down the funnel, we wanted intelligent sales automation. This was for setting tasks and alerts for the sales team, prioritizing inquiries, and getting reports at the same time. Which is why LeadSquared turned out to be a perfect fit.”

The major challenges that Camp K12 was facing were:

  • Data Visibility: Being able to access the complete history of an inquiry was a major challenge for the team. They wanted to track the complete activities of students across their website, app, and communication campaigns. Along with that, they wanted to have insights into the communication history between the student and the sales rep.
  • Sales Automations: Running automations was another big hurdle. They wanted to create fast processes and improve sales efficiency by automating all back-end and low-value tasks.
  • Data Flow: They wanted to have a smooth flow of data within different teams at Camp K12.

How Leadsquared helped:

To better engage and track their students, the team at Camp K12 turned to LeadSquared. The tool not only allows them to manage all of their sales and marketing from one place, but it also allows them to see LeadSquared’s scalability with their different teams.

Camp K12 has implemented LeadSquared within its 3 models of functionalities:

1. The Sales Model:

Camp K12 works on a subscription model where the students can pay monthly or yearly based on the type of course they choose. The major chunk of inquiries comes through website sign-ins, social media platforms, and direct phone calls.

The LeadSquared Call Center integration with Camp K12’s telephony services, helps the company capture all these leads from different sources. The integration ensures capturing all leads and hence, reducing lead leakage to zero.

As the leads get captured, they are distributed to the right call center executives for timely intervention. The lead distribution is automatic and depends on a majority of lead and agent attributes such as lead quality, location, languages, agent performance & more.

The team uses a variety of workflows to enhance engagement by creating and sending relevant communication to students based on their expressed interests. Sources like Whatsapp, SMS and email campaigns are used in order to keep the student engaged throughout the journey of admission.

In order to assign a higher quality score to leads, rules are set with specific attributes. The combination of quality score along with lead activity scoring creates a list of leads for the sales team to chase first. This helps in improving sales efficiency.

The team is able to manage all their student data centrally with varied access available to the different teams. This ensures complete visibility into the profilesactivities, and progress of all the students, to ensure sales intervention at the right step.

2. The Renewal Model:

Once a student starts learning with Camp K12, the Relationship Managers make sure that every student has a customized journey. Each RM is responsible for taking the feedback from the teachers, observing the progress within classes, and understanding the student behavior accordingly.

Post converting into a customer, LeadSquared pushes the student data from the sales model to the renewal model. This helps the relationship managers understand the complete student journey along with determining the current stage of the student in the course. Based on this, the managers guide and mentor the students and simultaneously suggest the next key courses that the student should pursue.

3. The Teacher Onboarding Model:

The teacher-onboarding team at Camp K12 uses LeadSquared to onboard teachers on the basis of specific criteria like qualification and the course they are planning to teach. The onboarding model works similarly to the sales model.

The manager can measure the performance of each teacher. Accordingly, automations trigger messages for teachers at different stages and sets tasks for them. As soon as the onboarding team adds a new teacher, the details route to the verification team. The team then selects the teachers on the basis of their chosen criteria.

LeadSquared typically helps in the smooth flow of data from one model to another making it completely seamless and paperless.

The Results

“Camp K12 has enabled many individuals to explore various new skills and has allowed experienced workers to take on newer challenges in the tech industry. We needed an omnichannel marketing automation & analytics platform to achieve this through hyper-personalization of consumer experiences,” says Akshay.

The new strategy that Leadsquared created for Camp K12 gave them results within a few months of implementation. As the company scaled extensively, LeadSquared was able to support the team to improve sales efficiency and productivity. The easy to use automations helped reduce the redundant tasks

“Camp K12 has scaled manifolds since we raised a funding round recently. LeadSquared has helped us go through this expansion without compromising the efficiency per sales rep. Without taking much of the tech bandwidth, LeadSquared automations have been able to solve our purpose. We’ve been able to create fast and consistent sales processes by automating all back-end and low-value tasks.”

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