Deeksha Learning Increases Revenue By 20% Year on Year with LeadSquared









Loves LeadSquared for
  • Zero Human Errors Since Adoption
  • Increased Accountability Because of End-to-End Tracking
  • Flexibility and Ease of Customization
  • Complete Sales Tracking
  • Improved Customer Experience with Automations
  • Highly Informative Weekly Webinars

increase revenue - Deeksha

Deeksha, part of Ace Creative Learning Pvt. Ltd is an Education Services company, that offers its customers an array of services including PU & Competitive Coaching for students, Business Partnership opportunities for premier institutes and Tech-led products that address the needs of the New-Gen students.  The Deeksha Methodology successfully bridges the gap between Board and Competitive Exam preparation, providing a unique combination of PU classes along with coaching for AIEEE, IIT, CET, NEET, and Commerce. This simplified method of coaching for both under one roof with equal importance has helped Deeksha’ s overall purpose of prioritizing the students’ well-being. Deeksha is present in Karnataka, Maharashtra, Telangana, and Tamil Nadu, operating in association with like-minded PU colleges to offer a holistic study environment for every aspiring child.

Sunny D’Souza, the Head of Sales Operations at Deeksha, talks about how they have achieved success with LeadSquared.

“In the beginning, we did not have any platform for our sales and marketing. We were using excel sheets and heavily dependant on the people who were deployed for the job. We were facing a lot of operational problems. Thanks to LeadSquared, it has now helped us eradicate human errors. The LeadSquared Team visited us for a demo on the functionalities of the software and we were impressed. And that’s how our journey with LeadSquared started way back in 2014.”

Increased data availability:

As mentioned earlier, at Deeksha, we were heavily dependant on the people who were hired to handle our data using excel sheets. The data could not be comprehended by some and we had to rely on their skills as well as availability. Even knowing about the number of admissions that have happened in our centers was not easy. Moreover, it was difficult to correctly attribute where our leads were coming from.

student data capture

But LeadSquared helped us mitigate this problem easily. Today, right from lead generation to admission details, everything is easily available on the platform and we don’t have to be people dependent to get to this information. We can now track our sales funnel accurately. There is also increased accountability. If a salesperson says he has done admissions, we can now verify this claim ourselves.

Easy customization:

Before choosing LeadSquared, we were considering both Salesforce and Vtiger’s open-source platform. But due to dependency on their team for customization, we realized it may not be the most ideal option for Deeksha. Being an organization that is continuously evolving, our processes tend to be tweaked every month or even every year. Hence it may require a lot more money and time involvement, re-customizing it each time.

LeadSquared solved this problem for us. It provides us with easy customization with a drag and drop option, that helps align our CRM to our business goals in a much simpler manner. Ease of use and customization were the main reasons for choosing this solution.

Increased revenue:

We now track our entire sales cycle from prospecting to closure. We now know exactly what is happening, when it is happening and how it is happening. Salespeople now have no reason to complain. They cannot claim that there are no good leads.

increases revenue - Sunny

Their weekly webinars are another thing that has been very effective. They aim at encouraging their customers to use the product more and more. New features, as well as use cases, are covered thoroughly in these webinars. This shows that LeadSquared not just addresses our problems of today but those of tomorrow as well.

LeadSquared is constantly evolving their product which in turn becomes the epitome of client satisfaction. In the past couple of years, we have experienced a suite of upgrades in business automation along with support to clients like us, thus exposing a growing organization to various possibilities to explore business processes. At Deeksha, we are confident that the LeadSquared team will continue to add more value. We would definitely recommend LeadSquared.

What Deeksha achieved with LeadSquared

  • 20% Increase in Revenue YOY
  • Personalized Student Engagement
  • Zero Manual Errors
  • End-to-end Sales Tracking
  • Flexibility with Easy Customizations

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