Avagmah Increases their Sales Conversion Rate by 20% Every Quarter

Avagmah, a part of AcadGild, aims at providing access to world-class education, with the help of technology, to anyone, anywhere and from any device. They have partnered with universities such as Pondicherry University, IIM Bangalore, NIT Kurukshetra to provide courses and higher education options to working professionals. Backed by giants such as Kris Gopalakrishnan, the co-founder of Infosys and Vinod Dham, the father of  Pentium processor, Avagmah is bridging the gap between higher education and technology.

Kavita Bankapur, Business Analytics Manager, at AcadGild, talks to us about the various challenges they faced and how partnering with LeadSquared has helped increase their sales conversion rate.

Challenge #1: Leakage of leads from various sources

“We do a lot of performance marketing, search engine marketing, social media marketing for lead generation. Our website, of course, also brings in a  steady flow of leads. Social media channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, which works very well for us, are also major channels of lead generation. Besides this, we conduct frequent seminars that help with offline marketing and lead generation. We needed to ensure that all these leads are captured without any leakage”

sales conversion rate - lead capture


LeadSquared helps us capture all of Avagmah’s leads, from their various sources, into one platform. The tool is also integrated deeply with their dialler systems, like Ameyo and Knowlarity. This ensures that all the calls they make, inbound as well as outbound are captured as leads. Now they have zero lead leakage.

Challenge #2:  No proper distribution of leads

“Before LeadSquared, we were using an in-house designed CRM. This CRM would only capture all the leads into the system, and there was no logic for assignment of these leads. The sales team would simply choose the leads and assign it to themselves. Leads were being missed out as a result and following up on leads were also not happening properly.”

sales conversion rate - distribution


With LeadSquared, Avagmah has streamlined their lead assignment process. Various automations have been set up, that ensure that leads are segregated according to the product and then assigned to the sales team in a round robin manner. This way there is an equal distribution of leads and follow-up of leads is also monitored.

Challenge #3: Duplication of leads

“With our previous CRM, there was a lot of place for duplication of leads. When a lead has already signed up on our website, and the lead gets captured again leading to multiple leads of the same individual.”

sales conversion rate - duplication


Avagmah has now set up a de-duplication process by setting up primary keys for lead fields. This way no leads are created twice. This has removed confusion is lead management and assignment as well.

Challenge #4: Haphazard data

“Our old CRM did not have a comprehensive dashboard feature. If an agent needed access to the follow-ups or the leads that have been assigned, he would have to fetch this information manually. He had to figure out who to call first and when to schedule his calls.”

sales conversion rate - smart views


LeadSquared allows Avagmah to create comprehensive dashboards, that help them understand what is happening with the leads in the system. Sales teams gain quick insights on the leads that are assigned to them with the help of features such as smart views and customizable dashboards.

Challenge #5: Improper reporting

“With the previous CRM, pulling our reports was a tedious task. The process was completely manual and the chances of error were high.”

sales conversion rate - reports


The LeadSquared reports feature is used extensively by Avagmah. They use it to pull reports about the sales team’s productivity. They are able to identify where they lack and to figure why there is a dip in performance. They also know in detail about their source of revenue, the time of the month that generates the most traffic, the lead sources that get the best leads etc. With these comprehensive insights, they are able to make better business decisions.

The Impact:

Avagmah has seen many benefits since implementing LeadSquared. Here are just some of them

  • Our sales conversion rates have shot up by 20% quarter on quarter.
  • Due to auto-assignment, the first response time has decreased by 96%. Previously what used to more than 24 hours has no reduced to 60-90 mins.
  • LeadSquared helps us track details of the sources of each lead, helping Avagmah create targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Sales productivity and efficiency have increased by 20% due to better lead management and immediate follow-ups.


 sales conversion rate - kavita

“I have used many B2B and B2C CRMs. But, LeadSquared is, without a doubt, a great tool for B2C. I would recommend LeadSquared for any mid-size business that is looking to scale up. The tool comes with flexibility, allowing you to customize as per our needs. It also has a quick turnaround time, and the price is the best for all the features and capabilities it provides.”

                                                              – Kavita Bankapur, Business Analytics Manager