How Phoenix Business Advisory Achieved 1.5X Conversions with LeadSquared

“Before LeadSquared, I used to get 400-500 leads a month. Now I get 600-700 leads a month, with complete documentation for easy access from anywhere.”

10x your Sales Productivity with LeadSquared.

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Phoenix Business Advisory loves LeadSquared for its:

  • Effortless Sales Workflows 
  • WhatsApp Automation Integrations 
  • Lead Stage Tracking 
  • Automated Lead Management  
  • Unified Lead Database  

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About Phoenix Business Advisory

Phoenix Business Advisory is your go-to, end-to-end solution for business migration to Australia. After just 3 years in the business, they have skyrocketed to the most trusted name in HNI migration to Australia and are one of the fastest-growing companies in India. They manage over 500 inquiries a day from India and also have operating centers in Dubai and Singapore. 

Their vision is to ensure that their clients succeed in Australia, and they aim to be the #1 business consultancy solution for the Australian 188 Visa. 

A Decision that Transformed their Business

They tried a basic CRM initially that was very sales-driven, but with their large volume of leads, the details of each lead were no longer accurate. They had recently started improving their branding, running TV ads, and had even roped in Brett Lee as a brand ambassador. That naturally means more eyeballs, and hence more leads.  

The General Manager at Phoenix, Trishal Rao, discovered LeadSquared and was intrigued.  He went through the website and the reviews of LeadSquared and a few other options. They chose LeadSquared because of the features offered in the Automation, Integration, and Reporting departments. 

Trishal said that during the implementation process, the team was super helpful in answering their queries to get them accustomed to all the features. They slowly started rolling out LeadSquared in one team after another. 


1. Lack of Reporting

Other CRM tools involved a complicated method of generating reports, often required coding, and consumed a lot of time and effort.

2. No Marketing Automation

The team wanted to make same-day contact with all their leads, as they noticed it greatly improved conversions. Lack of Automation made this task manual and hectic.

3. Haphazard Documentation

It was not easy for the teams to compile all the information of every client on Excel, which created a disparity between the teams.


Unified Lead Database with Complete Documentation

LeadSquared’s dashboards help Phoenix keep track of everything. With most of their leads coming in through Social Media, Ads, and offline seminars and events, they needed a way to keep track of all their leads from all these sources.

All online and offline leads are automatically captured in the LeadSquared database with the Lead Management tools, and all their details are stored carefully in the system. This means that any user from any team can pull up a lead profile, and all their information would be conveniently available. 

With Phoenix only serving businesses that have a Business Turnover of ₹4Cr+ and Net Assets worth ₹6.5Cr+, it’s important for these metrics to be in the ledger alongside the business.  

Phoenix receives 8,000 – 12,000 leads every single month, and 10% of this volume moves onto stage 2. Added to this is the already existing database of over 1 lakh leads from all over the world. LeadSquared can keep all these leads in check, allowing users to access leads with ease.  

“Now even the documentation of the client is getting attached to the system, which used to happen on Excel Sheets and Google Drive. The team in Australia can directly pull the documentation out from the system, and the information is transferred seamlessly, without sending it over emails.” 

1.5X Conversions with Improved Communication

With Marketing Automation, the first contact is made instantly after a lead fills up the form on the landing page, and the first call is made within 60-90 minutes. Trishal and his team observed that conversion rate improved with same-day contact, and with Automation tools and WhatsApp integration, these contacts were made rapidly.  

The conversion rate was 4-5% before LeadSquared and now touches 6-7% each month. That’s a 50% increase in conversions!  

Because of the nature of the service provided, it takes time for the business owners to make these decisions, and they need assistance along the way. With constant communication, regular reminders, and WhatsApp workflows, customers are always engaged with Phoenix.  

“We have a lot of automation running on WhatsApp. We have set up engagement-based triggers for when they pick up the phone, get qualified, attempted to contact us, and much more.” 

WhatsApp Integration

Optimizing the Little Steps with Stage Tracking

Tracking details of each lead helps Phoenix understand each stage of the process and where they can optimize their workflow. With LeadSquared’s no-code Sales Workflows in place, Trishal and his team can understand the journey of each client, and what steps are to be taken next.

Sales Tracking gives complete reports of what the team is doing to accelerate the sales process, and where they can minimize the time taken to push a lead to the next stage. All sales metrics and activities can be tracked in real-time, allowing the team to never miss another opportunity. 

Now, with LeadSquared, sales productivity is much better than it was, and sales performances are more transparent.  

Lead Stage Tracking

The Result

A business like Phoenix needs to maintain favorable relationships with their customers. Thus, they cannot afford to waste any time on manual lead capturing, text messaging, emailing, and nurturing. With automation in place, all of this is hassle-free. Manual tasks were decreased, and the sales team has more time to directly connect with customers. 

WhatsApp integrations have been incredibly beneficial to Phoenix, allowing them to contact their leads and clients at the fastest. This has streamlined the entire marketing and nurturing process. With easy, no-code sales workflows, there is a plan for every action their lead takes, and all this is executed before the sales agents can even think about it. LeadSquared has improved productivity, sped up the turnaround time, and enhanced communication. Now, they can dedicate all their time to ensuring that their clients set up successful businesses in Australia.