Neatly Organize Your Sales Management Process

Everything you need to manage your inside and field sales teams

Sales Tracking
Sales Tracking
Sales Tracking

Get a tight grip on every aspect of sales – people, funnel and revenue

Sales Automation
Sales Automation
Sales Automation

Leave repetitive yet important tasks to sales automation

Mobile CRM
Mobile CRM
Mobile CRM

Simple mobile CRM to run your entire field sales operations

Leave repetitive sales tasks to sales automation

Automate tasks like lead & task assignment, list creation, sales notifications and more

Lead distribution

Set rules to automatically assign leads to salespeople as soon as they come in.

Lead qualification

Set rules to assign higher quality score to leads with attributes that match your customer persona.

Sales notifications

Set rules to alert salespeople as soon as their leads take an important action.

Sales management - Lead Distribution

Get a tight grip on your sales process

Monitor every aspect of your sales - funnel, people and revenue

Sales management - Visualize your sales funnel

Visualize your sales funnel

Know exactly where the leads are in your sales funnel. Check the sales for this quarter, the pipeline for this month and more.

Spot the top and under-performers

Monitor sales performance with ease. Identify the sales stars, and the under-performers lagging behind on targets.

Track all sales conversations

Make sure that all conversations, one-on-one or bulk, email or telephonic, match your quality standards.

Simple mobile CRM to run your entire field sales team

Watch your field sales team closely, even from miles away

Extremely impressed with this sales management tool

“We are using LeadSquared for a client as a marketing automation tool and a sales/CRM tool. It’s been extremely beneficial for our client to improve their sales process. LeadSquared enables them to document where every lead is within the funnel.”

Tina Kelly - Casual Astronaut

Tina Kelly

Chief Marketing Officer, Casual Astronaut

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