CK Birla Hospital Increases Patient Conversions by 5X with LeadSquared

Ashish Anand - CK Birla Hospital

“LeadSquared helped us deploy an effective communication system that improved our conversions by 5X for in-patient leads and 2X for registrations. It is now a key platform we use to manage all our leads.

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Increase in IPD Conversions


Patient Communication


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CK Birla loves LeadSquared for its:

  • Seamless integration with communication platforms
  • Easy-to-use platform that requires zero training
  • Short turnaround time by support
  • High data security

Increase in IPD Conversions


Patient Communication


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About CK Birla Group

CK Birla group aims to transform the provision and culture of healthcare in India with its two organizations,CK Birla hospitals and Birla fertility & IVF centers. CK Birla Hospitals is a chain of world-class hospitals focused on the family’s healthcare needs, delivered with warmth, responsiveness, and sensitivity. While Birla Fertility & IVF helps couples and individuals overcome fertility problems with clinically reliable, comprehensive, and patient-centric care.

CK Birla started from one center and has expanded their operations across multiple states in India. Managing all the activities with various platforms was challenging with the increasing volume of patient inquiries and operations. They decided to implement a tool to reduce manual work and create advanced reports for patient intake, engagement, and other marketing activities.


1. Difficulty in capturing leads from multiple sources

The team generates leads across various platforms like websites, Google, Facebook, and Google My Business. Tracking leads from all the sources and mapping the lead journey was challenging.

2. Manual lead distribution

The team allocated leads manually based on just the agent ID. This further resulted in a delay in addressing the inquiries due to poor visibility of agent activities.

3. No proper process for communication with patients

The patient communication activity was a manual process. It became challenging to send timely reminders and maintain continuous contact with the patients throughout their healthcare journey which lead to lower conversions.

4. Lacked a data management system

The team used to manage the data on excel sheets and many other platforms. Keeping track of the complete patient journey and creating insightful reports was a tedious task. It also resulted in low visibility of patient journeys and conversion funnels.

LeadSquared solutions

1. Automated lead allocation process

LeadSquared automates the lead allocation process based on the roster and availability of the agents, which reduces the TAT and helps the team address all the inquiries within 24 hrs.

2. Complete visibility of the patient journey

CK Birla uses LeadSquared to map the patient’s journey from receiving the first inquiry to consultation and post that. This helps them to prioritize the leads based on the lead qualification scores and create an efficient process to increase direct revenue.

3. Automated patient communication process

Integration with different conversational platforms like WhatsApp has helps the team automate communication and send personalized messages before and post consultation. It enables them to stay in touch with the patients throughout their decision-making journey by regularly providing them with educational content.

4. Organized data and advance reports

The team uses LeadSquared as a centralized data management platform. They also create easy-to read reports for better insights at various stages of the patient lifecycle. This has helps them to improve process efficiency throughout the journey and for higher conversions.



“It has been a great experience overall. All the customizations were addressed with a short turnaround time. The support and integrated approach we received made us feel like we are working with an extended team of our organization.”

CK Birla Increases Patient Conversions by 5X with LeadSquared

LeadSquared helped CK Birla create an effective patient communication process by integrating all platforms and improving engagement. Overall, the CK Birla team gained a 360-degree view across their team and activities to increase patient conversions.