How GCC Hotels Increased their Event Bookings by 50% with LeadSquared

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LeadSquared helped me rebuild my sales funnel and take important steps toward digitizing our operations. Last year, we hit numbers we didn’t think were possible and LeadSquared has certainly played a critical role in achieving them. We realized that there is a shortage of rooms and halls, but it’s certainly a good problem to have!

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Increase in Events


Data Management


Team Productivity

GCC Hotels Loves LeadSquared for:

  • Flexibility of the platform  
  • Intuitive automation designer 
  • Value for money  
  • Lightning fast support 
  • Customizable dashboards for every user  

Website Traffic


Increase in Events


Data Management


Team Productivity

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About GCC Hotels

Initially starting off as a gymkhana, GCC Hotels are an award-winning 3-star hotel in Mira Road, Mumbai. The property is uniquely designed for events, consisting of 29 meeting venues and 10 banquet halls hosting various events like conferences, conventions, and weddings. (Their record being 17 different events in a day!)  

Situation Overview

GCC has different sales teams for memberships, banquets, and conferences. It also has a dedicated team for telephony. Primary lead sources include:

  • Walk-Ins  
  • Call-Ins 
  • Google ads (Captured via web forms) 
  • Referral 

Vir Bhan Saini, the Marketing Director at GCC, was looking for a system that could capture and centralize all this data. He wanted to build a proper sales funnel and digitize his operations. Moreover, while GCC is quite popular in suburban Mumbai, they aimed to run extensive marketing campaigns to increase brand awareness and bookings from other parts of the city.  


1. Disintegrated data, low visibility of sales pipeline

All teams were using their own methods for capturing and maintaining lead data, examples of which would be G-suite, excel, and personal diaries. There was no fixed workflow and low visibility into what the teams were doing.

2. High lead-leakage

Maintaining tasks and follow-ups of 200/250 leads a day was highly challenging and error-prone. High numbers of missed calls and follow-ups led to many opportunities lost.

3. Ineffective marketing

Without source attribution tools, it was difficult to measure the effectiveness and ROI of digital marketing efforts. Moreover, it was not possible to send personalized and targeted campaigns without lead segregation and automation.

After trying and testing a few other CRM software, GCC hotels decided to go with LeadSquared because of the platform’s flexibility and fitment with their needs. They piloted the software for their membership team, and then implemented it for other teams after seeing good results.  


One place to manage teams, leads and processes

“Now, we have a proper sales funnel which was non-existent before,” shared Vir.

GCC hotels had multiple sales teams for different verticals like FIT, banquets, corporate events and memberships. LeadSquared helped GCC integrate all their sales teams and lead sources in one system. 

The marketing team could access the leads from a central database, identify the sources, and create automated campaigns to nurture those leads. He also integrated clubmate (club management software) and multiple WordPress plugins to the platform. 

Centralized Sales Management

Importantly, GCC hotels was able to create well-defined workflows and separate his operations, sales, and telephony teams. This had a dramatic effect on both the sales and operational efficiency of GCC. In December 2021, the hotel was able to clock the highest business in its history.  

Enhanced employee productivity and process transparency

“Frankly, most people don’t like planning their days. And the good part is that with LeadSquared, reps don’t really have to plan their day anymore.”

Employee productivity

Everything that the sales employee needs to work is available on his customized smartview. Reps can filter pending tasks according to lead stage/quality and prioritize high-intent leads from the get go.  

The managers have complete visibility into what their teams are doing, for instance, what are their pending tasks and how many follow-ups have they completed. This transparency helped instill a sense of urgency and accountability with the sales reps and led to significant increase in performance. 

Personalized and effective marketing campaigns

Personalized and Effective Marketing Campaigns

Earlier, GCC Hotels used to send mass SMS and email campaigns, these were ineffective and generated low ROI. With LeadSquared’s lead segregation and marketing automation features, they were able to personalize and better target their prospects. This increased click-through rate and doubled website traffic. 

GCC also used marketing automation to cross-sell and up-sell different membership programs. For example, after the prospect has booked and conducted an event at GCC, they set up an automated nurturing sequence to cross-sell their membership program.  


LeadSquared has helped GCC Hotels centralize their lead management and take big strides towards digitizing the organization. They were able to restructure their sales processes, enhance team productivity, and employ better marketing campaigns⁠—critical reasons due to which they achieved record business numbers in Q4 2021.