How a Leading Travel Company Boosts Productivity with LeadSquared’s ACE Goals

“We were able to configure all the required targets for our team like the number of leads, activities completed, conversion rates, targets met, etc.  Being able to set up different kinds of targets makes ACE Goals a very critical feature for us now”

How a Leading Travel Company Boosts Employee Productivity with LeadSquared’s ACE Goals

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Manual Effort







Loves ACE Goals because it:

  • Defines Metrics Effortlessly
  • Tracks Metrics Accurately and Consistently
  • Helps Managers Plan, Allocate and Update Goals
  • Monitors Employee Progress to a T

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Our client is one of the major providers of online travel services, including holiday packages, hotel reservations, and flight, rail & bus tickets. Founded in 2000, the company has been successful in establishing itself as one of the fastest-growing travel companies.

Situation Overview

The company was facing reporting-related challenges, hence tracking and monitoring team members’ progress became increasingly difficult.

Automating the process was essential to increase sales efficiency by employing faster and simpler working methods.

They wanted a plan whereby the sales managers could evaluate team members’ performances regularly, and then review the sales process to minimize the failure rate. 


1. Excel Sheets Don’t Scale

Managing employees and tracking their progress on Excel sheets was hard which decreased sales productivity.

2. High Manual Effort

Recording data manually was a time-consuming and tedious activity.

3. Immense Data Loss

Improper data handling created miscommunications and information gaps within teams.

4. Improper Data Flow

The disparate data flow system often prevented opportunities from being executed on time.

5. Strenuous Monitoring

Monitoring the entire team’s achievements on a whiteboard was a tedious task.

6. Insufficient Performance Insights

No reports or visualizations to track the progress of the teams.

Adopting Technology to Transform Bookings

LeadSquared’s ACE Goals help fix the issues by improving critical business metrics. Sales leaders are empowered to set clear objectives for their teams.

LeadSquared equips them with analytical tools that ensure accomplishments. ACE Goals also uses psychological techniques such as gamification to motivate team members to improve their performance.

Team members are self-driven to improve their metrics and stand out from their peers. The teams at can now focus purely on improving sales and making customers happier. Worrying about lagging behind is a thing of the past.

With ACE Goals, they were able to:


  • For various cycles
  • To track any metric
  • Across organization hierarchy


  • From team performance using lead and lag metrics


  • Using real-time reports
  • By nudging users
Define Targets for Teams


Setting up Talk Time Targets

Members of the Inside Sales Team are given a personal quota of talk-time that they need to clock every single day to achieve their targets. Talk-time is a top of the funnel metric, which directly impacts the sales pipeline and eventually the revenue.
With the help of LeadSquared’s Goals, managers can monitor and ensure that their team achieves talk-time targets daily.

Setting up Talk Time Targets

Setting up Meeting Activity Targets

Their Inside Sales Team additionally sets up a target to keep track of the customers’ meeting activities. Establishing targets in the system ensures that all the activities are tracked without any data loss. Any inquiries made can be subsequently followed up, and meetings can be made fruitfully without miscommunications.
As a result, all the team members are more accountable and compliant with the established process.

Setting up Meeting Activity Targets

Tracking Activities on Leads

The Inside Sales Team can now measure the kinds of activities that their clients undertake and are able to define them as metrics. With these registered metrics in place, it is possible to update when a client moves from one stage to another, when a client visits a landing page, takes actions, etc. It has thus become easy to follow up on these actions flawlessly without losing any data.
As a result, the team members are prompt with their sales actions and intervene at the perfect moment.

Tracking Activities on Leads

The Result

LeadSquared’s Goals has allowed them to align its team’s target stream and hence has been able to use available data more efficiently. Over time, the company’s decision-making process has become more KPI- and data-driven.

ACE Goals, according to them, has been a beneficial addition to their sales performance team since they can now help keep track of all the activity recorded on the leads without relying on Excel sheets or a whiteboard.

Finally, they have seen how data visualization can provide fantastic results for a firm when presented in an easily accessible format. They feel that if individuals at all levels of the business can see their aims and accomplish them, it inspires them to work harder and creates a healthy spirit of competitiveness.