Scale Your Marketing Agency with Personalized Digital Experiences

“Technology can enhance business models, customer experiences, and internal skills to support core operations.” 

In line with this, we conducted an action-packed webinar with Payoneer, a payment platform for cross-border digital business, to help you personalize digital experiences for your customers. 


  • Shaival Mittal, Regional Manager – Strategic Partnerships (MENA), Payoneer
  • Vishal Suri, Associate Director – Strategic Partnerships, LeadSquared 

You can watch the webinar in its entirety or read the takeaways below. 

Cross-Border payment challenges for digital marketing companies 

  1. Lack of foreign infrastructure to launch business worldwide. 
  1. Traditional payment methods for payment collection. 
  1. Payments to International vendors & suppliers worldwide + taxes, duties etc. 
  1. Limited transaction capabilities, High SLAs time/amounts etc. and FX (Foreign Exchange), fee transparency. 
  1. Integrated service offering with ERP, TMS, accounting, etc. 
  1. Effective Ad spending across platforms local or international through global cards. 

Payoneer helps digital marketing companies navigate those challenges by collecting and receiving funds, managing funds, and paying and spending funds.  

How does Payoneer help digital marketing agencies overcome international payment challenges? 

Payoneer gives you the ability to get collection accounts in multiple currencies from customers around the world. Your clients can pay you in their local currency, and you will see the payment in your dashboard. You can also accept payouts from marketplaces in case you are working with any kind of marketplace or global platform.  

A customer can use Payoneer to collect payments from multiple countries and multiple payment methods and can also convert currencies. Payoneer also offers a checkout solution for customers who have their own checkout offering or who use another checkout service like stripe or PayPal

Payoneer allows you to collect and manage funds in any currency, as well as send money to any bank account in the world. The Payoneer debit card is connected to your bank and can be used anywhere Mastercard is accepted.  

More importantly, this card is both physical and virtual and it allows you to make your ad spends on Facebook and Google seamless. So, you can use this single account to manage your income and spending, both domestically and internationally. The card comes with spending limits and cash back rewards, making it a convenient tool for digital marketing agencies and companies. 

How to maintain and grow your top client and prospect database 

Leadsquared is a cloud-based sales automation and marketing automation platform that helps digital marketing agencies manage their sales processes quickly and efficiently. The platform is hosted on AWS and offers a wide range of features and tools to help users streamline their sales and marketing activities.  

  • LeadSquared helps with sales automation, by integrating disparate lead sources and bringing them into one platform. It also enhances the top funnel for clients, by capturing leads from all sources and helps with digital marketing activities. 
  • LeadSquared creates a system that eliminates lead leakage for a company and increases their lead to sale conversion rate. The platform helps sales teams work more effectively and measure their progress. The inbuilt marketing automation tool in LeadSquared helps nurture leads efficiency.  
  • LeadSquared also helps to ensure that customers are upselling and cross-selling, so that their journey does not end when they convert to a customer. This means creating multiple opportunities for cross-selling and upselling of products and services. 

How does LeadSquared Automations help model journeys depending on your objectives? 

Leadsquared has three main products: a sales execution platform, a marketing automation platform, and a customer portal.  

  • The marketing automation platform helps sales teams nurture and engage leads via three different channels: email, SMS, and WhatsApp.  
  • The customer portal helps digital marketing agencies manage their leads and sales processes. 
  • The sales execution platform helps sales teams manage complicated sales processes without writing any code. 

How does LeadSquared help marketing agencies? 

Develop an Effective Marketing Strategy: The key challenge that digital marketing agencies face is that once a lead comes in, there is no action taken on the lead and no owner assigned to the lead. This results in leads being ignored and not followed up on. LeadSquared overcomes this by allowing users to design a process (or ‘cadence’) for each lead, ensuring that every lead is followed up on and no lead goes unengaged. 

Insightful Lead Stage Tracking: Once a lead comes in, there is a cycle of transitioning the lead to a paying customer, which can be broken down into stages. These stages are designed to be totally configurable in LeadSquared, so that you can move the stages of the lead accordingly. 

Optimize Sales Workflow: Sales workflow can be scattered and unorganized, which can lead to duplication of effort and confusion over who is responsible for which leads. LeadSquared provides a single source of truth for all activities, so that only one person is responsible for each lead and there is a clear record of all activity. 

Automate Lead Management: The term “lead management” refers to the process of capturing and distributing leads to the appropriate sales team members. LeadSquared transfers leads to sales team members who are experts in the relevant area and scoring leads to determine their importance. 

A case study: How LeadSquared helped Leads Dubai automate lead management and achieve faster TAT 

Through a variety of marketing initiatives, including social media, SEO, email marketing, and outdoor commercials, Leads Dubai assists businesses in generating leads. They collaborate with businesses in the restaurant, real estate, e-commerce, and education sectors. Leads Dubai not only provides high-quality leads but also helps the businesses they partner with build their brands. 

Keeping track of the leads that were manually introduced to the system from various sources was difficult. Based on the team members’ availability, LeadSquared automates lead distribution and capture. The appropriate techniques contributed to a 10% increase in the quantity of leads obtained. They also acquire insights from the reports and analytics to continually raise the performance of the team. 

LeadSquared has assisted Leads Dubai in standardizing their sales processes and improving visibility. The sales team is more efficient and takes responsibility for their work. Everybody’s daily tasks may be tracked because all the information is in one location. The team’s sales workflow is improved, resulting in a further reduction in TAT, thanks to the enhanced monitoring and thorough reports. 

“LeadSquared is a great tool for marketing automation and following up. It has centralized Leads Dubai’s entire sales process. With higher visibility into lead status, we have better insights into how we can improve our internal workflows.” 

Mukesh Pandey, Managing Director at Leads Dubai 

Leadsquared helps sales teams improve their turnaround time, leading to higher sales conversion ratios. Everything sales teams do on the LeadSquared platform is tracked, so managers can see how many calls, meetings, and demos have been done, and how the team is performing overall. This helps to streamline and strengthen the process. 

LeadSquared has solved various digital marketing issues for different agencies and customers. It is a tool that can make your sales process smarter. 


If we do not have any digital marketing platform, is leadsquared helpful for pharmaceutical industries? 

Yes, if it is for leadsquared, sales process is consistent in any industry. If a company follows a sales process, then they require a sales automation tool, or a CRM tool and in a sales process that needs optimization leadsquared is the go-to. If you need certain more details, you can reach out to leadsquared. It is suitable for the pharmaceutical industry for sure. 

How do you define lead to customer journey for your prospects? 

In many businesses, you’ll find a typical sales cycle. In other words, the lead to customer journey is typically the same. However, if you’re not sure about this, or have a different sales process, our consultants and solutioning team can help you set up the customer journey in LeadSquared. 


Shaival Mittal

Shaival Mittal
Regional Manager – Strategic Partnerships (Mena), Payoneer

Shaival manages strategic partnerships & business development initiatives as a part of Payoneer’s core team in the MENA region. He has over 10 years of experience in working with the subsidiaries & investee firms of global conglomerates such as Honda, Deutsche Telekom, and Tencent across SE Asia & Middle-east. Over the past decade, Shaival has developed in-depth expertise in cross-border payments, global e-commerce, and international trade & logistics.

Vishal Suri

Vishal Suri
Associate Director – Strategic Partnerships, LeadSquared

Vishal has a demonstrated history of working across industries. His expertise extends to Sales, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Market Research, Business Analytics, and Strategic Initiatives. Vishal is adept at inspiring growth in the organization and has a proven track record in boosting sales. He currently drives the global partnership initiatives and is responsible for growing the main revenue pipeline at LeadSquared.

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