Building Customer Connections The Growth Strategy for Businesses

Stronger customer connections can help businesses improve customer retention, increase lifetime value, and drive revenue growth. By prioritizing the customer experience, businesses can create a competitive advantage and stand out in a crowded market. 
Reports suggest that companies leading in customer experience achieve significant revenue growth, emphasizing the positive impact of prioritizing CX. In our discussion, experts will share insights on necessary growth strategies and what they entail. 

​ Key Discussion Points

  • Understanding customer needs and preferences to deliver personalized experiences
  • How to leverage CRM and telephony to streamline and enhance customer interactions
  • How to increase revenue through cross-selling and upselling to boost the company’s share of the wallet


Navish Bijalwan

Navish Bijalwan
Enterprise Sales Manager, MCUBE

Arbaz Jawed

Arbaz Jawed
Regional Manager – SMB Sales

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