Data Driven Lead Management

Are you tired of sitting through endless spreadsheets and feeling overwhelmed by the sheer volume of leads flooding your pipeline? Missed opportunities and low conversion rates are inevitable when your leads are disorganized.

Data powered lead management is the way to go. When you organize, prioritize and nurture with precision nothing can hold you back. In this session, our experts discussed strategies to untangle the mess, boost lead quality and automate your workflows.

​ Key Discussion Points

  • Discover winning strategies for efficient data collection and integration for all your sources.
  • Learn proven methods of categorizing and segmenting leads for more effective targeting.
  • Understand how using lead scoring to prioritize leads can be a game changer for conversions.
  • Find out how to build tried and tested workflows and automations to streamline lead management processes.


Kathryn Main

Kathryn Main
Founder, Money savvy

Chantelle Fraser

Chantelle Fraser
VP – Africa Sales, LeadSquared

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