Customer support AI

A mere 5% increase in customer retention rates can boost profits by up to 95%! 

The best-proven way to improve retention is to deliver personalized customer support experiences.

So, it’s no surprise that customer experience leaders from across industries record 2X greater revenue growth than their peers.

But personalizing support experiences for every single customer is a tall order to fill unless you sprinkle in some AI. Come immerse yourself in LeadSquared’s AI-driven customer support platform, the Service CRM and explore:

  • 360° customer view: Customer details + AI-powered support history with a single click
  • Omnichannel ease: Tickets from Email, telephony, Facebook, Instagram, live chat and more – on a single platform
  • Resolution on autopilot: Automate all routine tasks and redundant queries, so your agents can focus on complex issues
  • Amplified revenue: Access real-time support insights to pinpoint upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

    You can find the webinar presentation here.



Sachin Agrawal

Director – Product Mananagement, LeadSquared


Amogh D’Silva

Senior Lead – Solution Consultant, LeadSquared

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