How Proactive for Her Increased Patient Conversion with LeadSquared

“LeadSquared as a platform has a lot of value and is appropriately built with excellent features and integrations with almost all platforms that we require. It acts as our central database and we can map our entire sales process into LeadSquared, hence it has been very efficient to track and convert patients.”

10x your patient retention with LeadSquared.

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Patient Conversion


Patient Intent Tracking


Missed Opportunities


Patient TAT

Proactive for her loves LeadSquared for:

  • Patient Inquiry Management   
  • Targeted Communication  
  • Third Party API Integrations  
  • Smart Automations
  • Impeccable Customer Support

Patient Conversion


Patient Intent Tracking


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Patient TAT

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About Proactive for Her

Proactive for her is a digitally native healthcare platform that offers patient-centric, liberal and empathetic care to women in India. They are a full-stack healthcare experience with services ranging from teleconsultations and support programs to customised diagnostic panels. They have an in-house team of doctors, therapists, and nutritionists, with over 150 years of healthcare experience who undergo rigorous training to uphold the company’s vision of body-positive, trauma-informed and patient-centric care. Their offerings span a wide range: from a holistic PCOS program and sex-positive STI testing services to HPV vaccinations and trauma-informed Vaginismus therapy.

Challenges Prior to LeadSquared

As their volumes were increasing, it was difficult to manage operations manually. They decided to implement a tool that could streamline their processes and provide their teams with advanced reporting capabilities for the top-performing doctors, patient acquisition channels, and other marketing insights.

1. Low Patient Engagement

There was no way to engage with leads and understand their intent. This led to missed opportunities.

2. Improper Patient Inquiry Management

There was no system in place that could handle the lead inflows leading to slower patient turnaround time

3. Low adoption of patient management tools

The team relied on tools such as Zoho; however, there was low adoption due to the complexity and customer support which did not suit them.

“We were doing things manually, so let alone engagement, but even sending them transactional updates was getting difficult. After LeadSquared, we can put more bandwidth towards setting our processes right.”

LeadSquared Implementation

“LeadSquared has been helpful and is easy to use. We can map our entire sales process into LeadSquared hence it has been very efficient to track and convert patients.” 

Tools they used before LeadSquared

The team at proactive for her depended on Zoho for the CRM and Mailchimp for the marketing automation, post which they switched to a unified tool that could take care of their sales as well as marketing features through a single dashboard.

LeadSquared Solutions

1. Consolidated and Centralized Database

The tool unifies teams and processes, making it easier to coordinate and lower patient turnaround time.

“LeadSquared acts as our central database for all the different verticals currently running their systems.”

2. Sales Execution

Lead Capture Automation for Oasis Fertility

The team has multiple sources for lead generation. They run ads and have quizzes on Typeform. LeadSquared integrates all of this and ensures zero to no lead leakage.

“As all our leads and information is captured in LeadSquared, it’s easy for us to send WhatsApps, Email, SMS to our target group.”

3. Email Marketing & Performance Tracking

Advanced Reporting Capabilities and Campaign Performance

The team leverages the email marketing features from LeadSquared’s marketing automation suite to send out promotional emails to their patients. They can also get analytics such as open/click rates, the best time for sending out emails, and other critical metrics to help improve their campaign performance.

4. Advanced Automations

Creating custom workflows for better lead management

LeadSquared helps the team automate redundant tasks and enables sending out emails and WhatsApp communication based on crucial patient actions. This increases teams’ bandwidth to work on priority tasks and prevents manual work.

“Our operations team has benefited the most from this as they can automate tasks and reduce time and manpower.”

LeadSquared Result

“LeadSquared as a platform has a lot of value and is appropriately built with good features, and the new Customer Success team is also actively taking up open pointers. It has excellent features and integrations with almost all platforms that we require (if not directly, then via Zapier), and APIs provided are also helpful.