US education webinar

As we bid farewell to 2023, it’s the perfect time to reflect on the transformative changes that have reshaped the landscape of higher education. Here is an engaging webinar, “2023 in Review: What Changed in Higher Education?” where we delved into the key shifts, trends, and innovations that have made a lasting impact on the world of higher education.

Points of Discussion:

  • Discover the Influence of Targeted Communication: Uncover the significant impact of targeted communication on student decision-making
  • Insights into Student Behavior: Gain valuable insights into the psychology and behavior of students in response to targeted communication
  • Strategies for Effective Outreach: Learn key strategies for crafting messages that resonate with diverse student preferences
  • Multichannel Engagement Tactics: Explore the power of a multichannel approach and how it can amplify the impact of your communications
  • Optimizing Enrollment with Data Analytics: Understand the role of data analytics in refining communication strategies for improved enrollment outcomes


Adam Benkendorf

Director of Graduate & Undergraduate Enrollment – Lindenwood University

Carrie Rachal

AVP Campus Enrollment Experience – Lindenwood University

​Kari Costello

AVP International Admission & Recruitment – DePaul University

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