Cofynd increases its conversion rate over 40% with LeadSquared

“Compared to our initial stage, we have improved a lot. We weren’t using all the features of LeadSquared initially, but since we started using it to its full potential, we have been able to track, manage, engage and convert the leads faster. LeadSquareds’ Customer Success Managers (CSM) also gives us ideas to improve. Overall, it is an excellent tool for managing our database. It is incredibly efficient, and the detailed reporting capabilities give us what we want to see. It adds a lot of value.” 

10x your sales productivity with LeadSquared.

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Rise in Lead Engagement


Rise in Lead Conversion


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Cofynd loves LeadSquared for:

  • Lead Management   
  • Targeted and Personalised Communication  
  • High Level Lead Visibility  
  • Tracking and Team Performance Analytics
  • Smart Automations
50% Rise

In Lead Engagement


Rise in Lead Conversion


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About Cofynd

CoFynd is India’s fastest-growing space discovery platform for searching and booking coworking, coliving, and private office spaces. They have over 25,000 verified spaces for rent in 18 cities in India. Their mission is to simplify and manage the flourishing ecosystem of Coworking, Coliving, & Private Office Spaces all under one roof. They have collaborated with the big names in India- WeWork, Housr, Innov8, Settl, 91springboard, The Tribe, Awfis, InstaOffice, Mulive, Spring House, StayAbode, and others.


As a fast-growing organization, they faced multiple challenges and wanted a robust backend system to help them with their sales and automation processes. That is when they turned to LeadSquared. 

Challenges Prior to LeadSquared

1. Lead Leakage & Improper follow-up

The team at Cofynd would miss lead inquiries due to manual tracking, leading to missed opportunities

2. Inefficient ways to capture leads and inbound phone calls

Due to the high velocity of sales, the team wasn’t able to capture inbound inquiries

3. Lack of visibility on lead-stage progression

The team could not track lead progression down the funnel.

4. No automation in place leading to manual efforts

They earlier relied on manual actions that took up the team’s bandwidth.

5. Low Engagement

There was no way to engage with leads and understand their intent. This led to missed opportunities.

“Earlier, whenever we would get an inbound phone call, we would pass on the number on WhatsApp, and the sales team would arrange a call; however, this wasn’t giving us the complete picture, and neither were we able to track conversations.” 

Cofynd increases its conversion rate over 40% with LeadSquared

LeadSquared Solutions

Here’s how LeadSquared helped Cofynd streamline their sales processes and increase lead conversion.

1. Lead Management System

Eliminating manual tasks with complete process automation

Cofynd has multiple lead acquisition channels such as SEO, Google ads, website forms, inbound calls, etc. LeadSquared helps capture leads without leakage and provides end-to-end tracking and management, leading to faster conversions.

“We got to know more about the stages of the lead and their progression down the funnel, which helps us curate content and strategies accordingly. On average, it takes one to seven days for a coworking space conversion and one to two days for a coliving conversion. Not only has this reduced, but we have also seen a 40% increase in conversion rate.” 

Cofynd increases its conversion rate over 40% with LeadSquared

2. Robust API integrations

API Integration

LeadSquared has over 200+ integrations. The team finds our telephony integrations necessary to track inbound phone calls. Now they can even audit and track the status of inbound calls.

3. No more redundancy

Creating custom workflows for better lead management

LeadSquared helps the team automate all key processes. The team has automated communication touchpoints based on critical customer actions.

“Everything is automated from start to end of the customers’ journey. Whenever customers book a property visit, they get an email + WhatsApp message which helps increase our credibility as a brand. This way, our lead engagement has also gone up, and so have property visits. – We have witnessed our lead engagement go up by 50%. We also take feedback through Whatapp API.” 

4. Lead Distribution

Lead Distribution

The team at Cofynd has two separate sales teams for Coliving and coworking properties. The lead geographies and requirements get routed to the respective salesperson for quick conversion based on the lead geographies and needs. 

LeadSquared has no doubt helped in better monitoring of leads. It also helps us monitor calls and audit them. This gives us a microscopic view of what is happening at a lead level, across sales teams, agents, and more.”

LeadSquared Result

“LeadSquared is a top player when it comes to UI. It is easy to use, and our sales teams use LeadSquared to its maximum potential. We have two different teams for coworking & Coliving, and currently, we are using 70-80% of the CRM daily. We would like to rate LeadSquared CRM & Marketing Automation suite 9/10.”