Oakridge International Schools implement insight driven admissions with LeadSquared

“Earlier all processes were manual, and there was no actionable data on best-performing sources. Manual Excel sheets took up the enrollment teams’ bandwidth, leading to lower conversions. With the implementation of LeadSquared, we have automated most admission processes, and the quality of leads and conversions has increased significantly.” 

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Oakridge International Schools love LeadSquared for:

  • Applicant Management & Tracking
  • High Level Applicant Visibility
  • Personalised Communication
  • Team Performance Reports
  • Data Rich Reporting
  • Smart Automations
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About Oakridge International Schools

Oakridge International Schools are part of the world’s leading premium schools organization, Nord Anglia Education. Over the past decade, Oakridge has garnered a strong reputation to become one of the best international schools in the country. The prestigious international school has its presence in 4+ cities such as Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Visakhapatnam, and Mohali. It was started with a mission to build a community of leaders, over a foundation of shared beliefs, values, and ethos.

Challenges Prior to LeadSquared

Sales and Operational Challenges

Oakridge Group of Schools partnered with LeadSquared in 2018 to automate their admission process. Prior to LeadSquared, the team relied on Excel sheets to manage lead inquiries.

With a  growing presence  in the Indian market, they had multiple leads coming in every day and without a lead management system in place, the team faced the following issues: 

1. High dependency on tele-callers for data & feedback
2. Not knowing what sources were driving inquiries
3. Low level of lead engagement
4. No insights on top-performing lead sources.

This in turn was draining the team’s budgets. Oakridge Schools then decided to implement LeadSquared as a one-stop solution to all their challenges

“We have been with LeadSquared for the past 5 years, and since then we’ve managed to simplify the sales and operational challenges that we faced earlier. Teams can now work on priority tasks. With the help of targeted and insight-driven reports, we are able to invest our time and money in the right places.” 

Which teams are benefitting the most?

According to Hariharan, both the inquiry generation/marketing and the pre-counseling teams have benefitted from the implementation.

“Earlier our marketing budget was not attributed to the best performing sources. We would spend money on channels that did not yield results, but now we can generate multiple reports, pinpoint the best lead-gen source, and plan our budgets accordingly. The number of junk leads has gone down, and the lead quality has improved.”

For pre-counseling team

“Our pre-counseling teams have also benefitted since the implementation of LeadSquared. Lead activity and history are already known along with the intent of the applicant. This helps provide enough context to the agents before calling the applicant. Moreover, as soon as a lead enters the system, it is redirected to the specific team managing that particular geography, making it very convenient to check team performance.”

Features that helped Oakridge International Schools the most

  1. End-to-End lead management 
  2. High-performance landing pages for better student conversions
  3. Automation 
  4. Data-driven reports

1. Just the tool every admission rep needs!

Eliminating manual tasks with complete process automation

The admissions team has seen a tri-fold increase in lead conversion post automating their admission processes.

“We have had better clarity of the conversion funnel since the adoption of LeadSquared. As soon as a lead inquiry comes in, the lead is allocated to a specific team that knows the applicant’s intent beforehand, making their targeting and communication better. Due to this, there has been significant growth in the conversion rates.”

2. High-Performance Marketing Enabler

Oakridge receives leads from multiple channels such as organic, social channels, google ads, etc. Apart from these channels, they also leverage LeadSquareds’ landing pages to attract and convert applicants.

3. Automating communications from manual to paperless

Creating custom workflows for better lead management

The team at Oakridge leverages LeadSquared’s email automation which has helped them increase lead engagement significantly. With a major presence around the globe, and multiple lead inquiries coming in daily, relying on manual Excel sheets was not helping the team convert applicants. They decided to automate communication with applicants based on their actions.

In the education sector, the time taken from inquiry to conversion can be quite long. Using automation for communication sequences and emails can help you stay in touch with the parents constantly and ensure that the lead is active.

Oakridge’s team saw a significant increase in inquiry to admission conversion with LeadSquared’s automation.

4. Data-rich reporting

Advanced Reporting capabilities for admission teams

Earlier all data was captured via Excel sheets, and the team had to depend on the caller for updating an applicant’s intent, follow-ups, interests, and more. They were looking for a solution that integrates all platforms, and sources and automates manual tasks.

Now with LeadSquared, they have data-driven reports for all key aspects, such as:

1. Daily lead inflow
2. Daily follow-ups
3. Website and Landing page registrations & performance
4. Enrollment funnel view
5. Lead engagement
6. Profitable lead sources and budgeting

“The reporting feature is of great use. Source wise analysis, and Caller wise performance are the most important ones for us. Due to the advanced reporting capabilities, we can plan for better budget allocation with respect to profitable lead sources. Even the performance of each caller can be monitored. Most importantly, Customised dashboards and data are easy to monitor and generate different reports that are important for management to take decisions.”

LeadSquared Result

“I would rate LeadSquared 8 out of 10. We now have a much better quality of leads due to our targeting. Earlier, the system was in high-stress mode with limited output, but now we have visibility and inflow of high-quality leads with clear visibility on all student activities, website activity, conversation history with tele callers, and more.”