Exotel CTI Integration – Inbound Call Capture Made Easy

Capture all your inbound phone calls, missed calls and voicemail inquiries

Exotel integration - cover

Capture all calls from your Exotel CTI as leads

Exotel Integration - Seamless call capture

Seamless call capture

Capture all calls that come in to you as leads inside LeadSquared. Even missed calls by your prospects are captured automatically.

CTI Integration - Call recording on the tool

Call recording on the tool

Record the exchange that is happening between the prospect and the sales person. This helps in training as well as for future reference. The recording is available right on the tool, for easy access

Exotel Integration - Simple call tracking

Simple call tracking

Make calls and track them from right within the tool. Save time by removing the need to switch between systems. Add notes for quick references.

CTI Integration - Automatic lead distribution

Automatic lead distribution

Distribute new calls that come in to your system easily. Manually assign leads or set rules so that the leads are distributed evenly among your sales reps.

Inbound call capture

All calls that come into your system through cloud telephony are automatically captured, including missed calls and voice mails

CTI integration - call capture
Exotel integration - lead distribution

Easy lead distribution

Automatically assign the calls to the sales team for qualification and follow-up, based on a set of pre-defined rules.

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