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About the company

Information Technology Learning Hub (ITLH) is an Edtech practice providing professional courses for fresh graduates/working professionals looking to upskill. They offer courses for UI/UX design, machine learning, web development, and mean stack development. 

What makes them different? 

ITLH training programs are unique because they are incorporated with live IT projects, freelancing opportunities, work experience and high-level practical learning. 

Situation overview

Before 2020, ITLH conducted off-line training programs. It was a traditional education model, and it was relatively easy to build trust amongst potential buyers. As the team was small and sales process not very complex, ITLH utilized their in-house CRM for sales management.  

However, due to the pandemic, ITLH had to transition to a virtual training model. As it is harder to build consumer trust for online education programs, ITLH needed to adopt a strong digital marketing strategy backed by personalized and effective sales.  

ITLH’s in-house CRM did not have marketing automation tools, and as team size grew, it was getting harder to effectively manage sales teams. Here are some of the challenges they faced while trying to transition to a virtual education model.  


1. Ineffective sales management due to low transparency

As ITLH grew and added remote sales reps to their teams, it was increasingly difficult to track reps’ sales activity (like dialled calls, talk time, activity summary).

2. Unsynchronized sales and marketing teams

Misaligned sales and marketing teams resulted in bad strategy, increasing conflict and an unsatisfactory customer experience.

3. Manual tasks decreased productivity

Manual lead collection, validation, and distribution were unscheduled tasks
that brought down the team’s overall productivity.

4. Lead source attribution

ITLH did not have access to tracking elements and integrations. It was hard to identify what marketing worked, and what didn’t.


Standardized workflows for a fast-growing team

“Implementing a fixed workflow was critical for managing a remote workforce scattered throughout India, and LeadSquared made that possible.”  

LeadSquared’s flexibility helped ITLH customize workflows according to their business needs. This helped the sales teams easily adopt the platform quickly and scale faster. 

As teams followed fixed workflows and entered activities on one system, leaders were able to track and manage their team’s performance. And with LeadSquared’s extensive real-time reporting capabilities all they needed was one look at their dashboard.  

Moreover, these dashboards were easily customizable, which was an important feature for the firm.

“I modify my dashboard every week, according to whatever is that week’s priority. I love it, it helps me track my teams, leads and everything I want to know in a single glance.” 

Centralized system helped achieve sales and marketing synergy

A big challenge that ITLH had been facing was the scattering of data and leads over various platforms. Without a unified sales execution & marketing automation platform, there was no way for sales teams to understand lead quality and intent. The analytics would be in place and the leads on another, with no possible way to bridge these two.    

Since LeadSquared is an end-to-end EdTech CRM that takes care of the leads from collection to conversion, ITLH can now manage each stage of the sales process. From making calls, to lead distribution, automated communication, and visualizing data, each step takes place on LeadSquared.     

Super-easy integrations for automated lead capture

Easy Integrations

Information Technology Learning Hub were able to integrate most of their lead sources with a simple 2-step connector. While, for their website and other specialized tools, they were able to easily use LeadSquared’s APIs.  

For instance, take a look at the platforms ITLH was able to integrate with LeadSquared’s system.  

  • Facebook
  • Google AdWords 
  • LinkedIn  
  • Affiliate Marketing Sites 
  • Website  
  • Chatbot 
  • Knowlarity 


Information Technology Learning Hub was able to build well-defined and executable workflows on LeadSquared’s platform, enabling the company to scale faster. The company was also able to synergise their sales and marketing teams, leading to better, more contextual engagement. This helped build higher trust for their virtual courses and improve sales.