How Acron Homes and Hospitality Increased Bookings with LeadSquared

“At every stage, as Acron’s competitive demand grew, LeadSquared has been responsive and scaled along with our business. The platform, with its many features, has catered to all our requirements. “

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Lead Management


Room Bookings


Sales Workflows


Sales Efficiency

Acron Homes and Hospitality loves LeadSquared because it:

  • Enabled lead activity tracking
  • Easy to adopt software
  • Improved post-sales management  
  • Decreased manual tasks 

Lead Management


Room Bookings


Sales Workflows


Sales Efficiency

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About Acron Homes and Hospitality




Goa, India

Acron Homes and Hospitality is well-known in Goa for their hospitality and real estate establishments. With over 34 years of experience, their three resorts—Acron Waterfront Resort, Acron Candolim Regina, and Acron Seaway Resort—are always packed with guests.  

Acron Developers, their real estate arm, offers a selection of villas and apartments across Goa. Their properties stand apart owing to the vast range of amenities—swimming pools, clubhouse, gyms, and many more.  

Acron Homes and Hospitality has been one of the earliest adopters of LeadSquared! We had the chance to sit down with Dr. Joseph Britto, the Co-founder and Director at Acron, to learn about their eight-year-long and continuing partnership with LeadSquared.  

While talking about the challenges that the hospitality industry faces, Dr. Britto mentioned the following:  


1. Dependency on channel partners

Hospitality businesses usually get leads from channel partners such as hotel and trip booking websites. The cost of acquisition for these leads is extremely high.

2. Manual data entry and lead management

Leads captured from various platforms need to be re-entered and transferred across platforms. The lack of a CRM increases manual workload and decreases the sales team’s efficiency.

3. Low sales productivity

To improve sales performance, the business needs to track every aspect of the sales process. Most companies lack the tools to track the salesperson’s activity, lead score, and lead engagement.

But Acron partnered up with LeadSquared early on, which helped them navigate past these obstacles with ease. Their entire sales team uses LeadSquared for lead generation, follow-ups, activities, and much more. Here’s what LeadSquared helped them achieve: 

LeadSquared Solutions

1. End-to-end lead management

End to end lead management

“You might have the best product in the world and the best sales team. But without leads, it is like a car without fuel and that car is not going to go anywhere.” 

Acron Homes and Hospitality has multiple sources where the leads are captured. These include:
-Google Ads
-Online Travel Agents  

These lead sources are integrated with the system and are automatically distributed to the sales team. As each call and follow-up is made, the lead stage is updated. Acron’s real estate team manages its post-sales activities on the LeadSquared platform.

“The biggest challenge in any business is sales, and the cost of acquisition is an inextricable part of it. As compared to other industries, the cost of acquisition is much higher for the hospitality industry, which slows down sales.”

Since each lead stays on the system throughout the sales process, the data doesn’t have to be transferred or re-entered. This ensures simplified lead management, saves time, and secure storage of lead data. It has also decreased the acquisition cost of each booking, especially in a place like Goa, where there are over 50,000 hotel rooms overall.  

2. Improved sales conversions

The sales team gets all the information related to the lead in one place. With the lead generation aspect set in place, the sales team could focus on conversions. LeadSquared’s reminders for sales activities have ensured zero lead leakage and high conversions. Acron continuously leveraged the LeadSquared technology to continuously improve their hotel bookings over the years.  

3. In-depth sales and lead activity tracking

In depth sales and lead activity

“We needed a system that could score the salesperson’s activity—both qualitatively and quantitatively—and the prospect’s engagement with all our digital initiatives. As a sales management partner, LeadSquared has been able to assist our sales team in both these aspects.

LeadSquared helps the sales team at Acron identify lead intent based on lead score. They can differentiate hot leads from cold ones using the lead score. Tracking the sales team’s activity helps the team fix the obstacles in the sales process and improve sales efficiency.  

The dashboards also provide insights into the lead activity. The team can now qualitatively and quantitatively analyze the customer’s engagement with their marketing initiatives. This information helps Acron restructure their budgets and identify high-performing campaigns.

The Result

Acron Homes and Hospitality found LeadSquared to be their perfect lead management partner. Adopting technology at the right stage has enabled them to scale up their operations rapidly. In the future, Acron aims to implement robust analytics to improve their sales team’s performance and gain insights into the prospect’s digital activity.