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Paramantra presents an innovative approach to real estate management, providing a suite of tools tailored to elevate business efficiency and client satisfaction. By offering a comprehensive 360-degree perspective on properties, clients, and transactions, our CRM transforms traditional real estate operations. From dynamic lead management to customizable dashboards and automated communication, Paramantra streamlines processes, drives tangible results, and amplifies sales performance. 

Paramantra, while a powerful tool, does have a few limitations worth noting. Some users have reported a steep learning curve while setting up the tool for their team, which takes up a lot of time for training.   Additionally, the customization options, while robust, might be complex for some users to configure without adequate guidance.  

If you have been at the receiving end of any of these problems, or are looking for an alternative to Paramantra, we have 6 tools that you can consider.  

Top 6 Paramantra Alternatives for 2024 

1. LeadSquared

LeadSquared revolutionizes real estate operations by offering a comprehensive suite of tools that streamline workflows and enhance client interactions. With its robust lead management system, agents can efficiently capture, track, and prioritize leads from various sources, ensuring no opportunity is missed.  

Customizable dashboards provide real-time insights into key metrics, empowering agents to make data-driven decisions and optimize their strategies. Automated communication features simplify client outreach, while task and workflow automation streamline routine processes, freeing up time for agents to focus on building relationships and closing deals.  

In essence, LeadSquared serves as a powerful ally for real estate professionals, providing the tools and capabilities needed to thrive in a competitive market. 

Its tailored functionalities make it an ideal choice for real estate businesses who aim to enhance productivity and drive sales in the dynamic real estate market. 

Key Features: 

  • Lead Tracking and Management 
  • Automated Workflows 
  • Property Tracking 
  • Communication Tools 
  • Analytics and Reporting 
  • Mobile Accessibility 
  • Integration Capabilities 


  • Users may experience occasional lag during poor or low internet connectivity.  
  • Advanced features and report generation may require additional training for optimal utilization. 

Why is LeadSquared a better alternative to Paramantra? 

LeadSquared stands out for it’s: 

Efficient Lead Management: LeadSquared provides real-time updates, activity logs, and lead scoring, allowing for streamlined management of a large volume of leads.  

Enhanced Productivity: The simple interface, quick filter section, and task management features optimize productivity, enabling effective communication and follow-up with leads.  

Efficient Communication and Tracking: LeadSquared offers comprehensive features for managing communication, tasks, and lead tracking, enhancing productivity and enabling seamless integration with tools like Ameyo.  

2. Sell.Do is a real estate CRM software that is built exclusively for developers and brokers. 

It’s a good choice for real estate professionals to streamline their operations with lead management tools, automated workflows, analytics, and robust sales tracking capabilities.  

Its seamless integration options and customizable dashboards empower users to optimize their sales funnel and enhance customer interactions.  

selldo paramantra alternative

Key Features:

  • Sales Process Automation 
  • User-friendly Interface 
  • Robust Lead Management 
  • Comprehensive Analytics 
  • Automated Workflows 


Overwhelming Alerts: Users may find themselves inundated with alerts and notifications if regular follow-ups are not maintained. 

Absence of WhatsApp Integration: currently lacks direct integration with WhatsApp within the system. 

User Interface Complexity: Some users may perceive the interface as intricate and laborious to navigate. 

Why is a better alternative to Paramantra? 

3. Freshsales: 

Freshsales is a robust sales force automation solution designed to streamline sales processes and enhance productivity. With integrated email, phone, chat, and telephony, it facilitates seamless communication to attract quality leads and drive deals efficiently.  

Powered by Freddy AI, it offers actionable insights for optimal deal pursuit and accurate sales forecasting. Additionally, its native CPQ simplifies quote generation, making it a comprehensive solution for sales teams. 

freshsales crm paramantra alternative

Key Features: 

  • Multichannel Communication 
  • AI-Powered Insights 
  • Sales Forecasting 
  • Native CPQ 


  • Limited Features: Some users may find the feature set lacking in comparison to more comprehensive solutions. 
  • Missing Features: Certain essential functionalities might be absent, necessitating workarounds or additional tools. 
  • Learning Curve: The platform may have a steep learning curve, requiring time and effort for users to fully grasp its capabilities. 
  • Bugs: Users may encounter occasional bugs or glitches that disrupt workflow and require troubleshooting. 
  • Expensive: The cost of Freshsales could be prohibitive for some businesses, especially smaller ones on tighter budgets. 

Why is Freshsales a better alternative to Paramantra? 

4. Realvolve

With features tailored for real estate, including intelligent workflows, transaction management, and customizable pipelines, Realvolve emerges as an ideal choice for real estate professionals seeking to streamline operations and foster stronger client relationships.  

Its emphasis on personalized communication and intuitive interface empowers agents to manage leads efficiently and enhance productivity in the competitive real estate landscape. 

realvolve paramantra alternative

Key Features: 

  • Contact & Account Management 
  • Opportunity & Pipeline Management 
  • Task / Activity Management 
  • Listing Management 
  • Email Marketing 
  • Transaction Management 
  • Lead Management 
  • Dashboards 


  • Inefficient Mass Email Capability: Users report difficulty in sending mass emails efficiently, impacting their ability to effectively communicate with clients and prospects. 
  • Persistent System Bugs: Realvolve suffers from frequent system bugs, leading to disruptions in workflow and frustrating user experience. 
  • Lack of Phone Support: The absence of customer support via phone is a significant drawback, forcing users to rely solely on email for assistance, which often results in delays in issue resolution. 
  • High Cost: Realvolve is deemed too expensive by some users, potentially making it financially prohibitive for businesses seeking more affordable CRM solutions. 

Why is Realvolve a better alternative to Paramantra? 

  • Streamlined Task Management: Realvolve simplifies task management with customizable workflows and targeted email campaigns, ensuring efficient client communication.  
  • Efficient Database Management: Realvolve’s predictive analytics and workflows streamline client communication and task automation. While the learning curve may be steep, the platform’s comprehensive features, including integrated communication tools, enhance productivity and efficiency.  

5. Liondesk 

LionDesk offers an advanced Lead Management System that transcends traditional CRM capabilities. With a free 30-day trial, it provides a comprehensive suite of features including texting, video messaging, an Ad Portal, and AI-driven lead follow-up.  

LionDesk empowers users to effortlessly generate, nurture, and convert leads into loyal clients, making it the ultimate solution for building and maintaining successful relationships in today’s competitive market. 

liondesk paramantra alternative


  • Comprehensive Lead Management 
  • Multi-channel Communication 
  • Ad Portal 
  • AI Lead Follow-up 


  • Glitches and Technical Issues: Users report experiencing frequent glitches and technical issues within the platform, which hinder navigation and lead contact efforts. 
  • Ineffective Support: Despite having various support channels, users find LionDesk’s support services to be unhelpful and inadequate in resolving issues promptly and effectively. 
  • Lack of Transparency: Users express frustration over the lack of transparency regarding the resolution timelines for reported issues, leading to uncertainty and dissatisfaction with LionDesk’s support process. 

Why is Liondesk a better alternative to Paramantra? 

6. BoomTown 

BoomTown revolutionizes real estate CRM with its advanced system designed for professionals, boasting robust lead organization, task management, and automated touch features. With extensive training support and customizable note-taking capabilities, it empowers agents to streamline operations, maximize productivity, and effectively nurture leads. 

Boomtown paramantra alternative

Key Features: 

  • Lead scoring and segmentation 
  • Contact management 
  • Mobile app 
  • Forecasting and reporting 


  • Low-Quality Leads: Users report encountering a significant portion of low-budget or unresponsive leads, impacting lead quality and conversion rates. 
  • Limited Market Availability: Some users face challenges due to a scarcity of viable properties within their market, potentially limiting opportunities for successful transactions. 

Why is BoomTown a better alternative to Paramantra? 

  • Comprehensive Lead Management: BoomTown effectively organizes leads, facilitates transaction management, and automates follow-ups, ensuring no opportunities are missed. 
  • Efficient Database Management: BoomTown offers simplicity in adding contacts and ensures portability of the database providing valuable assistance in managing contacts effectively. 
  • Effortless Client Engagement: BoomTown stands out as a vital tool for streamlining contact updates, merging duplicate entries, and seamlessly integrating Bonbon videos into communication strategies. 


Paramantra, although known for its specialized CRM solutions, may fall short in providing the versatile features and scalability needed for diverse industry demands, potentially limiting its adaptability and comprehensive functionality for growing businesses. 

Leadsquared emerges as the ultimate Paramantra alternative, offering unparalleled versatility, user-friendly customization, and robust lead management tools.  

With seamless integration possibilities and tailored features for real estate, it stands out as the top choice.  

Elevate your CRM experience with Leadsquared – the definitive solution for streamlined workflows and accelerated sales in any industry. 


1. What is Paramantra? 

Paramantra is a specialized CRM platform tailored for specific industry needs, offering focused solutions for sales and operations management. 

2. How do I determine if an alternative CRM is suitable for my real estate business? 

Assess your specific business needs and requirements, such as lead management, sales automation, reporting capabilities, and industry-specific features. Evaluate how well each alternative CRM aligns with these needs. 

3. What are the best alternatives to Paramantra? 

LeadSquared emerges as one of the top alternatives to Paramantra, offering a comprehensive solution tailored to meet the diverse needs of real estate professionals. Its advanced features, intuitive interface, and scalable plans make it an ideal choice for businesses seeking to enhance their CRM capabilities and drive sales growth. 

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