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SPOTIO is a field sales engagement tool that focuses on boosting sales revenue and specializes in door-to-door sales. It is built to help field representatives eliminate monotonous tasks and pursue the most promising leads in their respective territories.

While SPOTIO is highly valued for its sales rep-oriented software, it has equally received disapproval from users due to its limitations in terms of B2B services, integration issues with other tools, and frequent app glitches.

Well, if you are on the lookout for the best field sales tool for your team, we’ve got you!

Have a look at these SPOTIO alternatives and discover the best one for your sales group.

Top 10 SPOTIO Alternatives

SPOTIO Alternatives

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Field force automation software, Field force tracker, Geo-fencing 


Available upon request 


Outside sales rep tool, streamline sales operations 


Starts at $0 

Zendesk Sell 

Sales CRM and sales pipeline 


Starts at $19 per user per month 
*Free trial available 


Opportunity and pipeline management 


Starts at $ 0 


Sales force automation, RouteIQ mobile 


Starts at ₹ 800 per user per month 
*Free trial available 

Salesforce Maps 

Location data visualization, live location tracking 


Starts at $ 75 per user per month 

Badger Maps 

Exclusively designed for sales, Route planning, and optimization 


Starts at $58 per user per month 
*Free trial available


Geoanalytics, Territory management 


Starts at $74 per user per month 
*Free trial available 


Sales Engagement, 
Record calls and customizations 


Available upon request 

Monday Sales

Pre and post-sales activity management 


Starts at $ 12 per month 

1.   LeadSquared  

LeadSquared is an efficient field force automation software, offering location insights, territory mapping, check-in and check-out features, automated beat plans, and much more. 


  • Uberized lead distribution – Automatically assign the prospect to the agent closest to the territory. 
  • Automated day and route plans 
  • Mobile CRM that works offline 
  • Multilingual support for users across the globe 
  • Seamless integration with other field sales tools 
  • Reallocate leads of churned agents automatically to active agents 


  • Issues with the audio-recording feature on the Mobile app 
  • Steep learning curve, which requires hands-on training for users not familiar with similar tools 

Why is LeadSquared a better alternative to SPOTIO? 

LeadSquared’s field force automation solution offers everything from location insights to detailed reports, making it a reliable tool for the field workforce. The automated beat plans help sales reps prioritize and pursue the most promising lead in their territory. 

LeadSquared also provides smart and fast mobile CRM that allows you to track agents, get real-time updates, and make automated beat plans, all at your fingertips. The CASA functionality helps managers curate a customized home screen for their teams so that reps can see the dashboard that directly relates to their KRAs. 

A user on G2 says – LeadSquared is the “Best app as CRM,” pointing out that using it saves time and smoothens daily activities. 


Available upon request. 

2. SalesRabbit 

SalesRabbit is an “all-in-one” platform for outside sales teams, offering everything from canvassing solutions to weather reports of a particular territory. This helps the field representatives strategically nurture and pursue leads for optimal sales productivity. 

sales rabbit spotio alternative


  • Available for a single user at $0. 
  • Tools to streamline your canvassing approach. 
  • Excellent workflow for door-to-door sales
  • Multifaceted approach to territory management, which includes socio-economic characteristics and weather of a location. 


  • According to a review on G2, Inconsistent data synchronization during integration with specific business management tools requires manual data entry. 
  • Limited automation capabilities 
  • SalesRabbit does not offer customer support in multiple languages for its global clients. 

Why is SalesRabbit a better alternative to SPOTIO? 

As per some reviewers SalesRabbit is a better alternative to SPOTIO due to its ease of use and organized interface.   

Additionally, SalesRabbit’s DataGrid AI helps to identify potential customers in each area by analyzing their previous purchase trends. This psychologically boosts a sales rep’s confidence, resulting in higher closing rates. This makes SalesRabbit a great D2D tool for your team. 


  • Lite – $0 (Single user) 
  • Team – $25 per user per month 
  • Pro – $39 per user per month 
  • Enterprise – Contact SalesRabbit 

3. Zendesk Sell 

Zendesk Sell, previously known as Base CRM, is a modern-day CRM application built to increase productivity and grow sales revenue. Zendesk Sell is sought after for its sales forecasting and pipeline management features.  

Zendesk sell spotio alternative


  • Clean and Straightforward user interface on both desktop and mobile app. 
  • Ability to access customer information, opportunities, and follow-up activities on a single dashboard. 
  • Budget-friendly pricing makes it suitable for small-scale businesses as well. 
  • Zendesk Sell mobile CRM can be integrated with your phone’s text messaging application. 


  • A few advanced features require elaborate training to understand them. 
  • Compared to other CRMs, Zendesk Sell lacks integration support. 
  • A user on Gartner reported that the application deployment and customer support processes are time-consuming. 

Why is Zendesk Sell a better alternative to SPOTIO? 

Zendesk Sell, unlike SPOTIO, supports features like social media integration, e-mail template management and tracking, notifications, sales trend analysis, etc., making it much more than just a sales CRM. 

A user on G2 shares, I like how it integrates email, chat, phone, social media, and self-service options in one unified agent workspace.” 

Therefore, if you want to leverage omnichannel communication to increase your reach and better understand the current sales trends, Zendesk Sell is your best bet.  


  • Sell Team – $19 per agent/month 
  • Sell Growth – $55 per agent/month 
  • Sell professional – $115 per agent/month 

4. HubSpot  

HubSpot is a customer-centric CRM platform catering to a wide range of businesses and helping them deepen customer relationships. HubSpot Mobile App empowers you to manage your CRM on the go.  

Hubspot spotio alternative


  • G2 review: HubSpot has a simple interface that allows easy navigation between deals, companies, and contacts, making it easier for even a beginner to use. 
  • Workflow automation to better manage repetitive tasks and increase efficiency. 
  •  Analytics – helpful insights for better sales and marketing forecasting. 



  • Although the CRM software offers multiple functionalities for free, small add-on features come at an expensive price. 
  • A review on Gartner points out the lack of technical support from HubSpot. 

Why is HubSpot a better alternative to SPOTIO? 

HubSpot CRM is the better alternative for companies that require a sales engagement platform to manage their growing needs. 

A review on G2 implies that SPOTIO’s inability to integrate with multiple business tools and lack of detail-oriented reports make it a less desired choice for most enterprise sales teams.  

HubSpot CRM has different hubs, such as marketing, operations, and commerce, designed to handle various aspects of your business. 


  • Free HubSpot CRM – $0 
  • Sales Hub starter – $50 – 2 users/month 
  • Sales Hub Professional – $500 – 5 users/month 
  • Sales Hub Enterprise – $1200 – 10 users/month 

5. Zoho CRM 

Zoho CRM is a customer relationship management software that takes care of sales, marketing, and support solutions. Zoho CRM’s 360-degree customer view provides a bird’s-eye-view of customers, helping in informed sales and marketing decisions. 

zoho spotio alternative


  • A user on G2 says – “ZOHO has completely changed the way I handle my clients,” highlighting the ease of customization as per business requirements. 
  • User-friendly interface 
  • Seamless integration with other business tools. 
  • Reliable customer support. 


  • Complex functionalities resulting in a steep learning curve. 
  • While the software is customizable, implementation may require technical expertise. 

Why is ZOHO a better alternative to SPOTIO? 

Zoho has multiple native software that cater to different business sectors globally and various products in the ecosystem such as Zoho forms, Zoho meetings, Zoho mails, and so on. This allows users to avail everything necessary to streamline their sales on a single platform, no matter the domain. 

In the case of SPOTIO, third-party integrations are a bit of a struggle. According to a review on Capterra, a user struggled to get the SPOTIO calendar to sync with Google Calendar. This makes ZOHO a clear winner when compared to SPOTIO. 


  • Standard – ₹ 800 per user/month 
  • Professional – ₹ 1,400 per user/month 
  • Enterprise – ₹ 2,400 per user/month 
  • Ultimate – ₹ 2,600 per user/month 

6. Salesforce Maps 

Salesforce Maps is an application that integrates your salesforce data with location intelligence to boost sales productivity. Salesforce Maps can also be accessed on mobile application making it easier for sales teams to optimize sales routes and manage territory

salesforce maps spotio alternative


  • Tight-knit integration with Salesforce data. 
  • Easy to use and navigate. 
  • Efficient management of accounts that are grouped based on geographical location. 
  • Automation of tasks aids in timesaving. 


  • Costlier compared to its alternatives as it’s a paid add-on to Salesforce CRM. 
  • Accuracy concerning locations can be improved. 
  • Learning to implement the tool might take some time. 
  • Cannot be integrated with other CRMs. 

Why is Salesforce Maps a better alternative to SPOTIO? 

Salesforce Maps offers excellent territory management capabilities, such as account and opportunity management, based on valid indicators such as the Salesforce Einstein score. This makes the lead prioritization more accountable and increases the accuracy of potential lead conversions. 

Salesforce Maps also has better accuracy than SPOTIO when dropping pins on locations.  

A review on G2 about SPOTIO mentions that the assigned territories are not visible at times, and lost leads are still on the map, which may confuse the new reps. 


  • Salesforce Maps – $75 per user/month 
  • Salesforce Maps (Advanced) – $ 125 per user/month 

7. Badger Maps 

Badger Maps is a field sales app dedicated to improving the efficiency of a sales representative. It is an excellent tool for sales groups, which require very little day-to-day interaction from the management team. 

badger-maps-spotio alternative


  • Smooth integration with multiple well-known CRMs 
  • Badger Maps engineers provide complete technical support for CRM integration. 
  • Extremely easy to train new users. 
  • Pictorial representation of accounts for better visualization 


  • During CRM integration, data, like accounts and deals of leads, are not mapped accurately. 
  • A user expressed discontent regarding pricing on G2, saying – “would like the pricing to be a bit more transparent. I did not realize that there was an account limit of 3000 unless we got the most expensive plan”. 

Why is Badger Maps a better alternative to SPOTIO? 

Badger Maps has custom and standard check-in reports and accounts, offering insight into client interactions. The time, date, and notes of these interactions can be tracked to create customer journeys and help businesses strategize further activities. A reviewer on G2 calls this feature “life-changing.” 

SPOTIO lacks the check-in reports feature, making it hard for users to record each customer’s activity. 



  • Business – $58 per user/month  
  • Enterprise – $95 per user/month  

8. Geopointe 

If Salesforce is your CRM choice, Geopointe is the best alternative to SPOTIO. Geopointe essentially brings the power of location mapping to comprehensive data, resulting in informative maps for effective decision-making. 

geopointe spotio alternative


  • Google’s Geocode technology ensures accurate location mapping and helps discover locations outside the Salesforce database. 
  • The check-in and check-out feature allows mobile users to confirm their site visit. 
  • Efficient visualization of spreadsheet data 
  • Manage calendar-based appointments. 


  • According to a reviewer on G2, the platform is quite buggy and freezes when vast amounts of data are uploaded. 
  • The UX could be more intuitive with advanced data filtering options. 

Why is Geopointe a better alternative to SPOTIO? 

Geopointe renders exceptionally informative, precise, and customizable maps based on the salesforce data compared to SPOTIO. The locations can then be grouped as territories based on different parameters such as zip codes, states, area codes, or even drawing shapes.  

A user on G2 shares – The other feature we really like is the way you can create territories based on shapes and generate a list of customers to contact based on a shape in whatever area we want to pull.” 


  • Annual Plan – $74 per user/month 
  • Enterprise Plan – based on user count 

9. SalesLoft 

SalesLoft, a sales engagement platform, focuses on helping sales groups deepen their connections with customers to understand them better and close deals. It equips sales teams with all the necessary AI-powered tools to maximize field sales revenue. 

salesloft spotio alternative


  • Creating efficient cadences better customer engagement 
  • Generative AI tools for impactful workflows 
  • Hassle-free integration with other sales and marketing tools 
  •  Data-driven analysis sheds light on current trends and helps orchestrate better revenue generation 


  • The learning curve is pretty steep, and there is a lack of user guides. 
  • Limited number of emails can be sent per day. 
  • Salesloft offers many complex features that may be unnecessary for straightforward sales businesses. 

Why is Salesloft a better alternative to SPOTIO? 

Salesloft’s standout feature is its cadence feature. The cadences are repeatable, prescribed, and scalable ways to create touchpoints to maintain a steady relationship with potential customers. 

A personalized customer journey can be created with a tailored workflow for each of your prospects. 

SalesLoft scores points over SPOTIO in the automation section. Salesloft’s AI forecast predicts the likelihood of closing a business deal in a given quarter based on previous sales trends. 


Available upon request 

10. Monday Sales CRM 

Monday Sales CRM helps users manage pre- and post-sale activities on a single platform. It’s a no-code platform and a great tool for managing sales team workflows.  

Monday crm spotio alternative


  • Flexible dashboards that give an overview of different business aspects like client management, financial analysis, team management, etc. 
  • A collaborative software that keeps the team engaged and informed. 
  • Easy to use and intuitive. 
  • Small learning curve  
  • The mobile interface resembles the desktop interface, maintaining consistency. 


  • Monday Sales CRM can be integrated with only a limited number of business tools 
  • Basic plans include very few features, almost none of the important ones 
  •  Lack of training videos and materials 

Why is Monday Sales CRM a better alternative to SPOTIO? 

A user on  G2 writes – “Monday Sales CRM: A powerful and user-friendly CRM solution for sales excellence,” emphasizing enhanced sales productivity, streamlined sales pipeline management, data-driven insights, and a collaborative space for the team to work in. 

SPOTIO lacks a common platform for sales team collaboration, task ownership, and real-time updates. 


  • Basic – $12 seat/month 
  • Standard – $17 seat/month 
  • Pro – $28 seat/month  
  • Enterprise – Available upon request. 


SPOTIO, in their own words, is #1 Field sales software for reps and managers. But based on the reviews, it is clear that people are looking for SPOTIO alternatives to best match their needs. 

Mobile-first CRM is essential to any B2B or B2C business, especially to outside sales teams. A sales rep’s productivity in the field is directly linked to an efficient mobile CRM that provides necessary information with a single click. 

If you are looking for a robust and smart App to build a highly productive field workforce, LeadSquared is for you! 


1. Which is the best alternative to SPOTIO? 

LeadSquared is one of the best alternatives to SPOTIO. 

2. What are the few mobile-first CRMs in field sales?

SPOTIO, LeadSquared, Badger Maps, and ZOHO CRM are a few of the mobile-first CRMs in field sales. 

3. What is SPOTIO used for? 

SPOTIO is a door-to-door sales execution platform built for outside sales teams. 

4. Which is the best field sales tool other than SPOTIO? 

LeadSquared is the best field sales tool other than SPOTIO. 

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