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“LeadSquared streamlines our admission process & helps us make data-backed decisions. We are able to keep track of our entire lead lifecycle and fix critical bottlenecks.” 

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Canadian School Bahrain loves LeadSquared for:

  • Enabling data-driven decisions 
  • Eliminating manual tasks 
  • Improving team productivity 
  • Speedy Implementation 

Lead Leakage


Pipeline Visibility




Performance Reports

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About Canadian School Bahrain



Company Size

200+ Employees


Diyar Al- Muharraq, Bahrain

Located in Diyar Al Muharraq, The Canadian School Bahrain (CSB) is a non-profit institution that offers education programs in the British Columbia – Canada curriculum (BC Curriculum). Notably, the school also offers integrated programs in Bahraini Social Studies, Islamic Studies, and Arabic Language.  

The vision of the institute is to nurture young Bahraini students into leaders of the future, while also contributing to the language, values, and culture of Bahrain. 

Situation Overview

CSB collects leads from both offline and online channels. Offline channels include leads from various promotional and brand awareness campaigns. While the school’s website & online ads account for the majority of online leads. 

Before adopting LeadSquared, CSB was maintaining and organizing lead data on spreadsheets. However, this was time-consuming & ineffective. Here are some of the key challenges CSB faced:


1. Manual data entry and lead management

Leads captured from various sources need to be re-entered and transferred across platforms. This increased manual workload, extended the TAT, and reduced CRM efficiency.

2. Strenuous data consolidation and reporting

Various teams provided different, disintegrated reports about lead activity and performance. There was no central database to manage leads.

3. Lead attribution and tracking was difficult

Without extensive lead tracking tools, it was difficult to determine which channels and campaigns were more effective.


Centralized platform to manage all leads and teams

Centralized Sales Management

Implementing LeadSquared helped CSB maintain lead records on a centralized database. The school was able to manage lead information, score leads, and create sales workflows — all in one platform. Teams were able to prioritize leads based on quality, leading to shorter TAT and better conversion rates.  

With all their processes and teams in one place, the top management are able to make better, data-driven decisions. 

Complete visibility with end-to-end lead tracking

End-to-End Lead Tracking

With LeadSquared’s extensive lead-tracking tools, CSB can monitor the lead journey all the way from capture to conversion. Teams can view every call, email & chat history of a lead on the lead activity page. 

Complete visibility across all teams and channels helps reps nudge the right leads at the right time & contextualize communication. This led to better, more meaningful conversations & increased conversions. 

Access to extensive reports

 “LeadSquared helped me decode what channels are performing better and which months of the academic season to concentrate on. Data analysis has been the biggest game-changer for me.” 

LeadSquared’s reports & dashboards allowed CSB to measure every piece of their process – from campaign spends to admission closure rates. Moreover, this data was available real-time which enabled leaders at CSB to take quicker corrective action. 


Implementing LeadSquared helped the Canadian School Bahrain automate lead management, increase process efficiency & make data-backed decisions. In the future, the school looks forward to expanding its operations with LeadSquared.