Digital Acquisition through linkedin and instagram

Want to know how you can leverage Instagram and LinkedIn for digital customer acquisition? 

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What is digital customer acquisition? 

Digital customer acquisition is the process of attracting and acquiring new customers through social media and digital engagement channels. This includes SEO, email, your website, podcasts, and social media. 

How can businesses gain from digital acquisition? 

  • Generate more revenue to cover costs, pay staff, and reinvest in the company so it may expand,
  • Demonstrate to potential investors, partners, influencers, and other parties the market traction and financial soundness of the company.  
  • Find new market segments or demographics, as well as the most effective marketing tactics to reach these prospective customers.

The numerous methods a person uses to find and access your website are known as digital acquisition tactics, or channels. LinkedIn and Instagram can be used as lead generators or lead feeders.  

Why does social media work for lead generation? 

Social media helps you connect with the target audience and reach the decision-makers. Platforms like LinkedIn help you reach the C-suite, to showcase products, engage with them, and build the brand. Social media gives companies of all sizes a platform to interact with their clients. As your brand’s social networking gains traction, you can: 

  • Build humanized and closer relations with customers 
  • Develop brand authority 
  • Foster customer loyalty 

Did you know that 4.6 billion people were using social media worldwide in 2022?  

Certainly, a large number of people. 

But why are social media platforms so great for generating leads? 

1. It produces quick short-term traffic 

Social media marketing quickly drives traffic to your website. You can instantly see an increase in website traffic after launching an appealing social media campaign. 

2. It can be customized 

Personalizing content on social media is quite simple. Think of it as an empty canvas on which you can paint your company’s image, beliefs, and mission. 

3. Social promotions go wild 

A successful social media campaign can explode and go viral. And for your business, that’s great news. You can quickly reach thousands of customers when a campaign gains enough traction to spread quickly. 

4. A strong community fosters trust 

A community of devoted fans and repeat consumers can be formed on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube. Here, you may provide your customers with something of value and engage them in conversation. 

How can we acquire more customers using LinkedIn and Instagram? 

  •  Plan an effective social media posting schedule. 

Valuable content drives consumer engagement. But you won’t draw in the crowd unless you have a strategic social media posting schedule, fine-tuned for each platform and audience behavior patterns. 

  • Every social media comment deserves a response. 

Customers want to be heard. Particularly when they have a query or a complaint. Give them a thoughtful, personalized response to demonstrate that you are paying attention to them. 

“If we want to be noticed, we need to make sure we’re commenting on posts that are going viral, especially if our competitors are also commenting on them. We need to spend half an hour researching what we’re going to say, so that our comment is well-thought-out and makes sense.” 

Chitra Singh, Founder & Chief Mentor at SalesWomentoring 
  • Stay current with your audiences. 

Make sure you post pertinent information. The content that millennials consume may not be desirable for someone in their sixties. 

  • Make use of your website. 

Use your website to assist users in joining your social networks. Make sure to include identifiable buttons for LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook when you construct your website. 


“We can’t be silent spectators, either on LinkedIn or on Instagram. If we see something happening that we don’t agree with, we need to speak up.” 

Chitra Singh, Founder & Chief Mentor at SalesWomentoring 

Why are LinkedIn and Instagram great mediums for digital acquisitions? 

LinkedIn has 50 million members while Instagram has over a billion users.  

Let’s look at some of the engagement metrics of these platforms. 


LinkedIn is the leading professional community today. To be precise, it is more of a B2B platform. The profile is often older and more senior, with executives aged 35 to 65 making up a significant portion of LinkedIn’s membership. This makes LinkedIn the right place for us to find and influence our decision makers. 

We all know that B2B selling involves at least 11 decision-makers and that 40% of B2B deals are lost to the status quo. So, LinkedIn is the best place to engage, showcase, build our brands, and as well as that of our companies as we go forward. 


Instagram is more B2C focused with a younger audience (age 18-34 years). However, surprisingly, 20% of Instagram users visit at least one business profile every day. It is also more suitable for highly visual products such as fashion, beauty, and travel. 50% of users discover new products on Instagram. 

Who are your ideal customers on social media? 

Without social media, life would be difficult to imagine, and for some of us, running our businesses would be similarly challenging. According to WordStream, 75% of male and 83% of female internet users, have social media profiles. 

Though there is a difference in the gender ratio of users for LinkedIn and Instagram- LinkedIn has more male users whereas Instagram has more female users. In LinkedIn, the proportion of male to female users is 53 to 47. 

So, to build your digital customer acquisition strategy on LinkedIn and Instagram, determine the characteristics of your ideal client first.  

Simple questions to ask yourself include their job title, the industries they operate in, the size of the organization they work for, their age, and others. The process of developing your customer profile begins here. 

Find out which social media sites your potential clients use and what kinds of content are relevant to them. This will assist you in concentrating your efforts where they will have the biggest impact. 

Create your company accounts on social networking sites that your ideal clients use, then start interacting with them by sharing information suited to their requirements. Additionally, this information should relate to the goods or services you provide. 

How to spend the least amount of money and get the maximum reach 

  • Engage via groups 

If you want to maximize your reach with a minimum cost, join groups or organize emails. You can message or DM anybody in the group without being connected to them. This is more like a soft connection, rather than a hard push and direct sell.  

  • Utilize blogs 

Blogs are written for a variety of purposes, including networking, advertising, brand building, etc. To get more recognition and exposure, publish your material on as many channels as you can. 

  • Share strategically 

While sharing content is important, being strategic is even more crucial. Be judicious in how you proceed. 

  • Use a variety of formats 

Try adding rich media, such as movies, carousels, and gifs, to your postings. Not only will this increase the visual appeal of your content, but it will also increase engagement. 

The next step 

You’re all set to acquire more customers through LinkedIn and Instagram. 

The next step is to nurture them and get the maximum value out of your digital acquisition. 

For this, you can use CRM tools, Like LeadSquared for automated lead capture through various social media channels. Once the leads enter your CRM system, you can send them timely and targeted email, WhatsApp, and SMS campaigns regarding your current offers, new launch, etc.  

To know more about LeadSquared CRM’s capabilities, book a quick 1-1 consultation with us. 

Audience questions 

Why should companies choose only one or two social media for lead generation? 

Choose one or two social media platforms to focus on and make one of them your primary platform. Focus more on LinkedIn because it is more relevant to corporates and B2B businesses. And post regularly on Instagram, at least four or five times a week.  
It is important to showcase your social currency on your chosen platform in order to build credibility and position yourself as a thought leader. This can include reviews, ratings, testimonials, and endorsements. Don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations and endorsements from others. 

Does putting up business statistics work for more sales? 

Yes, it does help to showcase your company’s achievements and how well your company is doing with respect to others. This is especially true in banking, where trust is a key factor. 


Chitra Singh

Chitra Singh
Founder and Mentor, Sales Womentoring

Sales Womentoring as a community is addressing three problems: the lack of women in sales, the lack of an adequate talent pipeline of women wanting to join sales, and the fact that even women entrepreneurs shy away from selling. The organization’s focus is on getting more women into sales leadership positions, and they do this through mentoring, learning sessions, and networking. 

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