Here’s how Rhythm Hospitality Increased Sales Efficiency with LeadSquared

“Honestly, they’re great people to work with. We had never used a CRM before, but we didn’t have to worry because the team at LeadSquared handheld us and made the transition smooth and super-quick. Now, I sit back and relax and let the automation do the work.”

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Missed follow-ups




Data Management

Rhythm Hospitality loves LeadSquared for:

  • Ranking leads via engagement score
  • Smartviews feature (Sort all queries into pre-made buckets)
  • Convenience of the mobile application
  • Easy to create and edit quote templates



Missed follow-ups




Data Management

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Rhythm Group is a diversified conglomerate involved in the hospitality and real estate development sectors. The hospitality arm, Rhythm hospitality, currently operates a 5-star resort in Lonavala, and are in the process of opening luxury resorts in Mahabaleshwar, Alibaug, and Coorg.

Situation Overview

Choosing a luxury hotel is a high-involvement and time-bound buying decision. If the customer doesn’t get a timely response/follow-up, he most likely switches to a competitor.

Here are some of the ideal TATs for different types of Rhythm’s customers.

  1. Retail bookings (FIT segment): TAT needs to be 15/20 minutes.
  1. Personal Events (Weddings/Anniversary): TAT can be 12-24 hours.
  1. Corporate Events: TAT can be 12 hours but the response needs to be meaningful and encapsulate all their requirements.

Lead Sources: Rhythm would get queries on phone, email, WhatsApp, and their website.

Ashish wanted to ensure that no follow-ups were being missed, and was looking for a platform that could help monitor the progress of each lead. Here are some of the challenges he faced before implementing LeadSquared.


1. High number of missed engagements, follow-ups

In a day, each sales rep handled about 40/50 live queries. Planning and maintaining all this information on spreadsheets was tedious and unreliable, resulting in a lot of missed opportunities.

2. Low Visibility into the sales pipeline

Without a centralized sales management system, there wasn’t any way to verify what the sales reps said vis-a-vis what they did.

3. Lead sorting and distribution were tedious and high-effort

Downloading leads from various sources, sorting them into different buckets, and distributing them to sales teams was a process that took up hours.

To solve these challenges, Ashish was trying and testing multiple CRMs. Salesforce and LeadSquared were his two primary choices, but eventually, he decided to go with LeadSquared because of the platform’s flexibility and value for money.

Here’s how LeadSquared helped Rhythm transform their sales:

Timely response to queries, no missed follow-ups.

Earlier, sales reps used to keep track of appointments and follow-ups on spreadsheets/diaries. This was naturally error-prone and an unreliable way of handling a large number of leads.

With LeadSquared, reps were able to easily log appointments and tasks and get automated reminders for the same. Rhythm has also set-up a smartview that highlights pending queries that are not reverted to. This has eliminated the scope for error and improved employee productivity significantly. 

Achieving process transparency

Actionable insights with detailed reporting

Event bookings usually take 4/5 days to close, and there is a lot of communication between the prospect and the sales rep (Via different platforms like phone calls, email, and WhatsApp). Rhythm wanted to be privy to all this communication.

Centralizing the sales process on LeadSquared CRM enabled this visibility. Managers could track the quantity and quality of follow-ups their reps did, and help teams improve performance. Moreover, the sales reps were able to identify and correct gaps in their performance themselves.

Mobile app improved and simplified field sales operations

Mobile app improved and simplified field sales operations

When a new lead is created by the reservation team, a notification pops-up on the basis of location. The rep would also get all client details instantly. This meant quicker and more relevant face-to-face meetings.

Upon meeting the client, field reps could instantly update lead status/requirements on LeadSquared’s mobile CRM application.

Automation enables faster response time

LeadSquared’s extensive automation capabilities helped Rhythm completely automate their lead capture, sorting, and lead distribution process.

The Result

“LeadSquared just took all the headache out of the lead management process. It saves 40% of my time which would otherwise be wasted on the same. My teams are able to respond to every query on time.”

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