How BYJU’S Improved their Sales Conversion Rates with LeadSquared

BYJU’S, a part of Think and Learn Pvt Ltd, is one of the top e-learning platforms in the country. Launched in 2011, they started with special focus on K12 segments, and now slowly are providing courses for school kids from the 4th grade, and even coaching for competitive exams. They are the first Asian company to receive investment from the Chan-Zuckerberg initiative and have also become a Harvard Business School case study.

Mrinal Mohit, the Chief Operating Officer at BYJU’S, gets candid with us about how BYJU’S has changed the EdTech scenario and how LeadSquared has helped them in their journey.

How has Edtech changed in recent years and what is BYJU’S role in it?

Education has been using technology since forever. But the focus was only on converting analog data into a digital format. Students were consuming information in the same way that they were being taught in classes. BYJU’S wanted to change this. Hence, we sought to provide students with new ways in which they can learn their lessons with our app.

EdTech has undergone a huge transformation in the last four years. And, I can confidently say that BYJU’S has had a big role to play in this. Four years ago, if you had told a student that they could study complex physics theorems from an app, they would have laughed. But, today a learning app has become mainstream.

Are there any challenges that you have faced?

When we launched the app, we faced a lot of challenges like internet penetration, the availability and cost of data. But, the story has changed now and with increased mobile and internet availability, our work has become very easy. However, India is a diverse country, with so many languages spoken across the country. We do face the challenge that the content we create must be present in the local dialect as well.

But, this is more of an opportunity than a challenge.

Why did you start looking for a CRM?

Our customer life cycle is very high. When you take other apps, you install it and when you think it’s not useful anymore you will uninstall it. But, with our app, historical data is very important. When a new academic year is coming up, there is a high probability that a lot of app installs will happen. We need to know how many would install it, so we can set up our campaigns accordingly.

student details

For example, if a student had been using the app for 4th and 5th-grade classes, we’d assume that he’d be interested in reinstalling the app for 6th-grade lessons. This kind of data is very important to us. Which is why we started looking for a CRM that can help us do this.

Why LeadSquared?

Earlier, we were using a CRM which we were not very happy with. We used it along with Excel and Google. But, our salespeople were very comfortable using the existing system. When we thought of bringing in a new system, our major concern was the adoption of the system. Sometimes, the sales team may not think it worth the effort to learn and implement a new tool.

When we were considering LeadSquared, there were two factors that helped us make our decision.

  • Flexibility
  • Ease of adoption

We have a large team, and with it comes custom requirements. We needed a CRM that could meet our needs and solve the issues we face. LeadSquared helped us to set an account and get it started within 20-30 minutes. The support team is always around to help you, so even if you need a new process made, they get it done immediately.

When we implemented LeadSquared, with the first few hours, our team was able to recognize that the tool was much better than the one we used before. The adoption of the tool then became very easy to handle. And this is why we zeroed in on LeadSquared.

Which teams use LeadSquared?

Interestingly, a lot of teams use LeadSquared. It’s not just the sales team. Everywhere there is a process that needs to be set up, or where you want something to move from one step to another, then we use LeadSquared there. Our post-sales team uses LeadSquared, and so does our presales team. We even use LeadSquared for our order management.

LeadSquared helps us run all our various processes seamlessly. For example, our recruitment team uses LeadSquared for their own process. They first have a video interview, then they have a task assigned to them, following which evaluation happens, and if they qualify they will hire them. This is what I mean, LeadSquared helps us make all our processes simpler.

What features are important to you?

The moment a student downloads the app and registers on it, they become a lead within LeadSquared. His contact details such as the mobile number and email are captured in the system. Now, once he has signed up, he will do a lot of activities. He could browse, for example, the maths classes and then navigate to various chapters within this section. For all the activities that they perform, they are assigned a certain score. This cumulative score is then used to add them to a priority list. This tells the salesperson which lead to reach out to first, and why.

priority list

We also heavily use the automation feature to interact with students based on their past activity. For example, one student is re-downloading the app for the next academic year. Another student watches a few videos and then takes a test. And yet another who has been dormant gets reactivated after 6 months. So, to all these students we need to communicate differently and the automation workflows help us do that.

Since we have a large team, it is imperative that we know what is happening with everyone within the team. Which is why the report feature is also very important to us.

What are the results that you have seen?

I believe that when you run a business, until and unless you measure what you do, you can’t hope for improvement. When you have 2000-3000 people in your team, you cannot just measure the output. You need to measure the input as well. If you have a six-step sales process, then you need to understand what is happening at every step. LeadSquared has helped us do this very well.

Our sales conversion rates have improved drastically because we are able to give better feedback to the team. This, in turn, makes them accountable for their own numbers and has improved overall productivity.

Would you recommend LeadSquared?

Yes, of course. We have been using LeadSquared for the past 4 years and if you think measuring is important, then I suggest you give LeadSquared a try. It makes it easy for you to measure both your marketing and sales parameters easily and without much error. Besides, it is very customizable and easy to use. I must say, that of all the tools I’ve used, this is the best lead management tool.

What BYJU'S achieved with LeadSquared

  • Easy adoption for 1000s of salespeople
  • A drastic increase in sales conversions
  • Complete student tracking
  • Complete Process Automation
  • Higher team accountability + Productivity
  • Detailed Marketing & Sales insights

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