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Loves LeadSquared for
  • Flexibility
  • Complete Data Capture
  • Seamless Sales Process
  • Intelligent Lead Management
  • Sales Automations
  • Team's Problem Solving Approach

Cuemath is an after school learning program focused mainly on math. It was founded in late 2013 by Manan Khurma. While coaching K12 students for their IIT-JEE exams, he realized that most students had an inherent phobia of math. Upon probing further, he figured the reason was that their foundation was not strong enough. And that’s how Cuemath was born. The courses have been designed to build a strong math foundation in children, by sharpening their knowledge of concepts, aptitude, and reasoning skills.

We asked Deepak Dutt, the Ex-AM of Expansions at Cuemath, about his LeadSquared experience. Here is what he had to say.

Their acquisition process:

Cuemath does both digital and offline marketing. But, their main lead source is the events that they do. There are two kinds of events that they organize:

  • teacher -led
  • company-led

improved lead tracking

For Cuemath, the teachers are not just partners, but in many instances, the face of the organization. The teachers conduct events within the geography they are responsible for and gather leads from there. For more national centric events, the company conducts the events.

Finding the right solution:

“From the start, we knew that we needed a good sales CRM to run our business. We started out by using Freshsales. But, simultaneously, we kept hearing about LeadSquared as well,” says Deepak. They used Freshsales for about a month and then switched to LeadSquared. After using both tools, it became clear that the latter was the tool they needed to go with.

Improved lead tracking

Though, in the beginning, the cost was lucrative to them. Slowly, they realized that the flexibility that the tool offers outweighed the cost factor.

Deepak Dutt - cuemath“Our priority was flexibility. Our business involves a lot of branches in itself, and we keep growing to more centers around the country. If we are handling 10 leads today, we may have 500 tomorrow. We needed a tool that would stay with us while we grew. LeadSquared has helped us do that. We have built a system that suits our requirements perfectly”

– Deepak Dutt, Ex- AM of Expansions at Cuemath.

Building a process with LeadSquared:

When a new lead is captured, it gets added to the CRM. It then gets assigned to a salesperson, and they are notified of the same. The agent makes his first calls and changes the status of the lead to interested or not interested. Based on this status, future tasks and followup reminders are automatically assigned to the agent. This ensures a tight sales process, with no followup misses.

When the lead is interested in the product, they can do three things:

  • enroll directly
  • book a demo
  • schedule a face to face meeting

When a demo is scheduled, it is pushed to the in-ops team. They demonstrate the product to the parent at their center for a day. If the lead is interested, they are pushed back to the sales team, who then go ahead and close the deal. A similar process happens with face-to-face meetings as well.

improved lead tracking

“This entire process is set up in LeadSquared. There is no need for manual intervention. Everything happens automatically. And we can look at everything that is happening as it happens,” says Deepak.

Improved tracking with LeadSquared:

When Cuemath began looking for a CRM, they were very clear about what they needed. Before, they were using Google sheets. Even though they tried to track everything on it, there was a lot of missing data as well. These gaps made it difficult for them to understand exactly what was happening. This is where LeadSquared came into the picture.

They are now able to track everything much better. With the heavy inflow of leads that comes in, their sales team is able to manage them better, thanks to timely reminders and detailed notes. They are also able to identify sales opportunities, by capturing each and every single data point.

improved lead tracking

“Tracking our sales team has also become easier. When a new task is assigned to the agent, we know how much time he takes to complete the task. We also know how long it takes an agent to convert a lead. We also have insights into our marketing campaigns, such as which one is getting us the best results. We know the cost of acquiring each lead. Thanks to all this data that is available to us, we can visualize our data better and make more informed decisions.

Before the turnaround time for acting upon new leads was 36 hours. Now it is less than 14 hours. This is a decrease of 61%. Our team is also able to do better followups. They have all the data they need right there, and they also get constant reminders about their next task or meeting. As a result, followup breaches have reduced by 17%,” adds Deepak.

The CRM tool for everyone:

“We would recommend LeadSquared to anyone who asks for a good Sales CRM. It comes with an array of features that you can customize to suit your business needs. Besides, they have such a helpful team. Everyone from the CEO to the accounts person is extremely approachable. They are a team of problem solvers. Every issue and problem that we bring to them will always have a solution. This is what I love about the company.”

What Cuemath achieved with LeadSquared

  • 61% reduction in turn-around time
  • 17% reduction in follow-up breaches
  • Flexibility and Scale
  • High enquiry to enrollment ratios
  • Centralized student tracking

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