ORIX Leasing and Financial Services Uses LeadSquared to Boost its Collections Efficiency

LeadSquared collections module helped us digitize our debt recovery process, building efficiencies and transparency. Also, tracking legal cases on the same module was a huge advantage.

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Collections Efficiency







OLFS loves LeadSquared because it helped

  • Simplify Collections Process
  • Digitize Receipt Management
  • Increase Avg. Collections Per Agent
  • Boost Agent Efficiency

Collections Efficiency







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About ORIX Leasing & Financial Services


Financial Services

Company Size

1000+ Employees


Mumbai, India

ORIX Leasing & Financial Services (OLFS) is a leading NBFC (Non-Banking Financial Companies) and a subsidiary of ORIX Auto Infrastructure Services Ltd. (OAIS); aimed at providing flexible financing solutions to corporates, SMEs, and consumers.

As a fast-scaling financial provider, OLFS needed a new-age debt recovery solution to boost the efficiency of its collections process while bringing more transparency into the day-to-day activities of its agents.

Challenges faced by OLFS

1. Manual Process Tracking

Operations were managed on Excel which led to low operation efficiency

2. Tracking Agent Productivity

Very low visibility into agents’ daily actions

3. High Conveyance Spends

Remote collections visits came with higher traveling expenses

4. Payment Integration and Receipt Management

Need payment integration and a better receipt management mechanism

5. Low Pipeline Visibility

Complete case management and higher process transparency

Solutions Provided by LeadSquared

1. End to End Case Management

360-degree tracking – from importing new cases via .csv files to repayment completion for higher operational efficiency

2. Improved Agent Accountability

Mobile app for FoS teams to capture agent’s daily routine – visits, calls, tasks, collections, check-in/out, and more

3. Optimized Conveyance Spending

Features like geo-fencing and geo-tracking to verify conveyance charges reimbursed by agents

4. Completely Paperless Receipt Management

End-to-end receipt generation, sharing, and management capabilities for all agents

5. Simple and Easy Integration with Payment Portal

Hassle-free integration with choice of payment portal and capability to bifurcate payment across modes like digital and cash

6. Full Pipeline Visibility

Activity and collection reports along with 150+ more customizable business reporting templates

7. Legal Module

Tracking of all legal cases

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