How MS Realty Increased Conversions By 250%

“LeadSquared is flexible and powerful. If I had to describe it in one line, it’s like a one-way ticket to transform sales efficiency. 

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Rise in Site Visits/Closed Deals




Missed Follow-ups


Increase in Sales Productivity

MS Realty loves LeadSquared for:

  • Smart views  
  • Value for money  
  • Visibility into the lead journey   
  • Real-time tracking and monitoring teams 
  • Eliminating manual tasks with complete process automation
250% Rise

Site Visits/Closed Deals




Missed Follow-ups


Increase in Sales Productivity

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About MS Realty

MS Realty is the real-estate arm of the larger M Suresh Group. The company is known for their townships in Mumbai, Thane, and Pune. For instance, they are the co-promoters of Amanora Park, a massive 500 Acre township in Pune. 

MS Realty also has a no-debt policy and is currently developing multiple projects in Mumbai with 0 debt. This has helped the brand earn a sterling reputation, and achieve 100% inventory before occupation for their MS H2O property in Kalina, Mumbai. 

Situation Overview

Before 2017, MS Realty was only into real-estate financing. In 2017, they started developing their own projects and thus had to undertake marketing and sales operations. As projects and teams grew in number, excel sheets were no longer feasible. Teams were missing crucial follow-ups and were not effective at prioritizing high-intent leads. 

Here are some of the challenges faced by MS Realty.  


1. Low conversion rates because of missed follow-ups and site visits

Sales reps maintained their tasks and appointments on spreadsheets and notes. This was error-prone, with no option to get reminders or view pending/overdue appointments. Moreover, sales reps were not able to effectively prioritise high-quality leads.

2. Lead management processes were manual and inefficient

Capturing leads from multiple sources, qualifying them, and distributing them to sales teams was a tedious and time-consuming process. This increased the TAT and the total sales cycle.

3. No visibility into the sales funnel

There was no way for the Manager of Sales and Marketing, Harsh Desai, to see what his sales teams were doing and ensure leads were being promptly responded to. He also did not have a system to track the lead journey; ie: how many leads were on which stage of the buying process.

He was looking for a CRM that could help him tackle these challenges. During the buying process, he also considered and Paramantra, but decided to go with LeadSquared because of the platform’s flexibility and value for money. 

Here’s how LeadSquared helped MS Realty augment their sales and marketing efforts. 


Here’s how LeadSquared helped MS Realty augment their sales and marketing efforts.

1. Eliminating manual tasks with complete process automation

Eliminating manual tasks with complete process automation

MS Realty integrated all their lead sources–, Instagram, Channel Partners, and Site-Visits– with LeadSquared. Now, LeadSquared automates lead captures from these sources and distributes them to sales teams on the basis of project and availability.

“Automating my lead management on LeadSquared dramatically reduced our TAT, and honestly, saved me a ton of time and headache of manually downloading and distributing leads.” 

After completing the initial conversation, the rep simply fills out a couple of yes/no qualification questions, notes down the details, updates the lead status and enters a follow-up date (upon which a task gets created automatically). To optimise this process, the team created multiple dropdowns for entering lead details, which further brings down the scope for human error. 

2. Teams plan, prioritise, and perform better

“Earlier, reps would normally do 10-15 follow-ups a day. Now? It’s almost 40-50 follow-ups.”

Teams plan, prioritise, and perform better

At any moment, each sales rep at MS Realty is working with 100-115 live leads.  

Manually planning and maintaining to-dos was naturally high effort and error prone, leading to a lot of missed follow-ups and site visits.  

To solve this, LeadSquared helped Harsh create smartviews for his sales teams. Reps can view all pending, completed, and overdue tasks right from their dashboard and also get automated reminders for the same.  

Now, an average day in the life of a sales rep is simple and looks like this.  

  1. Open LeadSquared 
  2. Check pending tasks, choose lead according to stage (Cold/Warm/Opportunity) 
  3. Read the last activity of the lead (What rate was pitched/What product was explained) 
  4. Follow-up  
  5. Create new lead activity 
  6. Go to step 2. 

Prioritizing good leads and timely follow-ups have helped MS Realty achieve a whopping 7.5% site visits/closure rate. (More than double the 3.5% industry average)

3. Creating custom workflows for better lead management

Creating custom workflows for better lead management

MS Realty has been able to create a lot of interesting workflows to enhance its sales output. Take this example, where the sales workflow has been customized in such a way that MS Realty doesn’t lose out on the lead, even if the lead is a dead lead. 

“If, for whatever reason a deal is not able to go through, the lead is automatically transferred to the feedback department. The feedback department then takes note of the buyer’s pain points and promptly offers solutions for the same, trying to get them back into the sales process.”

4. Enabling Complete Visibility into the Sales Pipeline

“I can see the gaps in my sales process, and guide my teams when they make mistakes”

Advanced Reporting Capabilities and Campaign Performance

Harsh wanted a system wherein he could gain some form of insight into how different  sales teams were performing. Now, he doesn’t have to look beyond his admin dashboard. 

MS Realty customised their dashboard to see which sales manager has how many leads and what are their lead stages. They can also keep track of how many follow ups have been completed, how many are pending and how many have been missed.  

This has facilitated accountability and transparency, motivating sales teams to perform better.