New-Age FinTech Uni Achieves 4x Customer Onboardings Using LeadSquared

“LeadSquared helped us understand our mechanism well and design our process better. Due to this, we achieved 4x customer onboardings and 2x collection visits per agent per day.” 

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Customer Onboardings


Field Collection Visits Per Agent Per Day


Sales Operations


Process Transparency

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Customer Onboardings


Field Collections Visits Per Agent Per Day


Sales Operations


Process Transparency

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About Uni



Company Size

200+ Employee


Bangalore, India

Headquartered in Bengaluru, Uni is a new-age FinTech aimed at revolutionizing the B2C credit space in India. Since its inception in 2020, the business has been disrupting the traditional credit industry and use of credit while enhancing Education, Transparency, and Customer Experience with the aim to bring delight to its users.

While starting operations, Uni used Excel sheets for its sales/onboarding and collections processes. But as the business started growing exponentially, it became difficult to keep track of the different stages of leads entering the funnel and manage them effectively. To build a streamlined sales and collections pipeline, Uni chose LeadSquared. Here’s their story.


1. Manual inquiry capture and source attribution

Manually capturing the rising lead volume led to leakage and inaccurate source attribution.

2. No prioritization and distribution mechanism

Due to the manual nature of the process, prioritization before distribution was difficult.

3. Need for IVR integration and unique lead buckets

Agents manually filtered daily lead assignments and the leadership wanted to integrate with their IVR tool.

4. Low Process Efficiency

Updating lead stages; notifying agents for follow-ups; sharing cases with field team – everything was manual

5. Digitally transforming field collection operations

Tracking and managing field collection operations daily on Excel was tedious.

6. Manually generated reports

With fast-scaling operations, the need for an intelligent reporting became urgent.

Solutions Provided by LeadSquared

1. Integrations with all lead-gen channels

Out-of-the-box integrations with channels like Uni mobile app, website, social media, landing pages, etc.

2. Intelligent lead scoring for prioritization and automation for distribution

Lead and engagement scoring for prioritization and using automation for intelligently distributing leads among agents.

3. User-centric call center management application

Centralized call center application with IVR integration, SmartView feature to bucket incoming leads across stages, and 1 click WhatsApp integration for ease of communication with the customer.

4. Robust automation for enhanced process efficiency

Lead stage updates, nudges & notifications, seamless case assignment – all automated for frictionless sales and collection operations.

5. Mobility solution for paperless field collections

Check-in/out, daily plan, leads near me, shortest route, document capture/upload, geo-fencing, and more to maximize field collection visits.

6. Comprehensive sales and collection reporting templates

Over 150 customizable business reports and configurable dashlets for senior leadership.

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