LiquiLoans increases sales conversions by 40% with LeadSquared

Neekat Agrawal

We’re now plugging lead leakage by 25%! Earlier, we managed many processes manually and on multiple dashboards. Ever since LeadSquared unified these aspects, we’re seeing a positive impact in our day-to-day activities such as combating lead leakage.” 

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Higher Sales Conversions


Reduction in Lead Leakage




Lead Distribution

LiquiLoans loves LeadSquared for its:

  • Reporting and analytical capabilities  
  • Easy integration  
  • Responsive customer support  
  • Configurable solutions  
  • Automated lead distribution 

Higher Sales Conversions


Reduction in Lead Leakage




Lead Distribution

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About LiquiLoans:  

LiquiLoans is a peer-to-peer lending platform that uses technology to match borrowers to lenders. This eliminates the high interest margins which are generally observed in the cases of other traditional financial institutions, thus making borrowing cheaper and investing a more lucrative opportunity as compared to traditional investment avenues.  

They wanted to transcend their business operations from manual inputs on Excel to an agile sales execution solution that can take care of routine business processes on autopilot!

Managing Customer Journeys with LeadSquared 

Here’s how LiquiLoans uses LeadSquared for managing different customer journeys:

  • New customers: When leads are sourced at partner locations, a comprehensive approach to lead management is further taken over by LeadSquared. This includes lead capture, qualification, distribution, nurture and outcome-based measurement.
  • Existing customers: To manage customer retention, LeadSquared unifies multi-channel customer engagement to conduct follow-ups and complete conversations irrespective of the channel. This includes channels such as emails, SMS, WhatsApp, and dialer integrations with the call center to simplify outbound calling. This also helps close the customer feedback loop with a look into every engagement initiated. 

Challenges Faced:

1. Sales Team:

– Manual lead distribution
– Inability to acquire customers across channels
– Managing partner-sourced leads

2. Support Team:

– Customer onboarding
– Customer engagement and relationship management

Solutions by LeadSquared  

Multi-channel customer onboarding:

With LeadSquared, LiquiLoans can onboard customers across channels and engage with them too. LeadSquared unifies all channels under one platform, further eliminating the need to manage multiple vendors. Customer engagement is also simplified with better visibility into initiating follow-ups to prevent drop-offs and ensure completed customer journeys.

Smart Views:

With Smart Views, every sales user can access key data in real time. This can be aspects such as accounts, opportunities, leads, tasks, etc., acting as a single work area for a user. Daily reports also give better insight into progress made to execute the next set of actions.

Automated Lead Distribution:

Without LeadSquared, lead distribution was a manual process that took close to half an hour.
With automated lead distribution through LeadSquared, leads are distributed in real-time and evenly based on agent availability, and performance.

Reports and Analytics:

With LeadSquared, reports and analytical dashboards help analyze sales processes at a macro and micro level. LiquiLoans can seamlessly access data about team productivity, tasks completed, actions taken by the lead, and much more.

What I really appreciate about LeadSquared is their customer support. Out of all the CRM options we had in mind, LeadSquared certainly broke through the clutter with a solution-driven and responsive support team who were just a call away to guide us!”


In a nutshell:  

LiquiLoans can now accelerate sales cycles and is combating lead leakage with the backing of LeadSquared. With capabilities such as sales automation, they can now focus on aspects that are more vital to the business, enable better agent productivity, create impactful customer journeys, and much more.