College Vidya Could Integrate 75+ Colleges Data with LeadSquared


LeadSquared’s integrations capabilities are impressive. It is because of this reason we would continue using LeadSquared and not switch to any other platform. We have 350 counsellors currently, and thanks to LeadSquared we are confident that we can scale up to 1000 counsellors and still run a very organized process. 

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10 Lakh

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of Business Metrics

75 Colleges

Integrated on a Single Platform

Loves LeadSquared For Its:

  • API Integrations
  • Ability to Bring Multiple Teams on one Platform
  • Student Activity Tracking Capabilities
  • Proficiency to Handle Large Volume of Leads 
  • Real-time Notification & Alerts 
10 Lakh

Emails Sent



Aerial View

of Business Metrics

75 Colleges

Integrated on a Single Platform

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About College Vidya 

College Vidya, an online portal started in 2019, aims to provide unbiased information to students about every aspect of online education. It allows students to compare universities based on parameters like E-learning system, EMI options, faculty, and fee. 

When Rohit started the platform, he compared several CRMs because he considered a complete Higher Education CRM essential for the company’s growth. While evaluating, his highest priority was the system’s ability to integrate with the student database of various colleges. And his search ended with LeadSquared. 

But the search wasn’t exactly easy.  

Tribulations of Misfit CRMs and Manual Processes

1. Maintaining records on an Excel

Although they were a small team of 10 users, it was getting increasingly difficult to manage student inquiries and conversations manually on a spreadsheet. A lot of information got lost in the pile of online sheets.

2. Communication silo-ed on multiple platforms

The team used different tools to communicate via email, WhatsApp, and SMS, thus making it difficult to streamline the conversations to get the complete picture.

3. Inability to get information in real-time

College Vidya needed to share updated information from multiple colleges with its counsellors and students in real time. A CRM’s inability to interact with all those colleges meant that it wasn’t quite the CRM for them.

4. Handling large volumes of queries

They needed a CRM that could scale with the team. The team had grown from 10 users to 300+ users, attracted 1 lakh inquiries a month, and needed a platform that could handle that and a lot more.

They finally zeroed in on LeadSquared to help them organize their teams and processes.

Rohit and Sarthak were happy to see that LeadSquared gave them the ability to integrate with various college platforms and share information in real-time. This meant that they could scale the business easily. Here’s what they had to say about LeadSquared.

LeadSquared Fits Perfectly to address these challenges

“We started with 10 users and used Excel as a traditional company. But as we were scaling, the need for an organized system–where our teams can be deployed and know how student behave on our website in real-time was needed.” 

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Let’s delve deeper into how LeadSquared solved the above challenges and continues to improve the business processes at College Vidya – 

Organized processes for the counsellors: Every piece of information that the counsellor required was at their fingertips. This enables them to help the students with regular updates. 

Marketing communication runs on autopilot: College Vidya team sends close to 10 lakh emails a month. 

“We extensively use LeadSquared to send emails, WhatsApp, drip campaigns. Especially, when we have to send out an announcement to the entire database. Earlier, we couldn’t send out multi-channel communication. But now every communication runs on automation with LeadSquared.”  

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Counsellors know whom to call first: LeadSquared’s lead scoring and prioritization mechanism helps them identify the interest-levels of students and reach out to them on priority basis. 

Aerial view of business metrics: Rohit can see the performance of his counsellors, campaigns, and processes, as well as the complete lead funnel.  

The LeadSquared Impact for Marketing and Sales Teams

The entire team at College Vidya uses LeadSquared to work efficiently—right from counsellors, marketing, quality teams to accounting.  

“In 2019, there used to be 20 tabs open on my laptop and now there’s only one. All my teams– counsellors, quality team, accounts, marketing use one platform.”  

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Omnichannel communication enhances personalization: Counsellors can communicate with students across multiple platforms and keep context by doing it from a single platform. 

Website tracking helps convert students faster: With website tracking enabled, counsellors can now gauge student interests and prioritize inquiries based on location, budget, and time spent on the website. 

– Real-time notifications helps reduce missed follow-ups: With apt alerts, counsellors can resolve queries faster and help the student enroll for the right course. 

Scaling to 1000 counsellors is now easy: LeadSquared has created a very organized and integrated process, thus making it easy for the team to grow and scale quickly. 

“Unofficial” Spokespeople For LeadSquared

The team often interacts with multiple colleges and after seeing their slow processes often recommend them to use LeadSquared as an “unofficial” spokespeople. 

And they have also unlocked a greater power of maintaining their processes with LeadSquared’s Admin Certification to help them become more technically sound on the platform. 

Why LeadSquared is Right for Them 

LeadSquared has the ability to scale faster without breaking down processes. And the entire team, from counsellors to accounting, only works on one platform to help students choose the right online education course. 

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