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“We have a large subscriber list from over the years. LeadSquared helps us run our direct marketing initiatives in a hassle-free manner because we can filter data into lists and target campaigns accordingly.” 


10x your sales productivity with LeadSquared.

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Sales Conversions




Lead Management


Team Performance

Equentis loves LeadSquared for its:

  • Marketing suite
  • Excellent customer support
  • Deep integration capabilities
  • Automation capabilities 
  • Zero downtime

Sales Conversions




Lead Management


Team Performance

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About Equentis

Equentis Wealth Advisory Services Pvt Ltd is an equity advisory company headquartered in Mumbai, India. They help HNI’s (High Networth Individuals) and ultra HNI’s handpick the best stocks to help them achieve their financial goals and aspirations. Their core focus includes ‘Wealth Creation’ by systematic investments in well-diversified and personalized portfolios. 

Today, Equentis leverages LeadSquared to automate routine tasks, centralize customer and prospect data across teams, run targeted direct marketing campaigns, and much more. 

Teams using LeadSquared:

  • Sales Team 
  • Marketing Team 
  • Quality  
  • Customer Service  
  • Accounts Receivable 

LeadSquared for Sales:

The sales team at Equentis extensively uses LeadSquared to manage all their leads with ease.   LeadSquared grants greater visibility into every prospect’s data and past interactions. This helps sales executives understand where they stand in the sales cycle and plan their next move.  

LeadSquared provides a 360-degree view of customer profiles to identify customer intent, know their preferences, re-initiate conversations with prospects, and more. Besides giving them a clear picture of the customer/ prospect, it also helps them qualify leads based on the lead score associated with each lead activity.  

LeadSquared acts as the backbone of our company. It helps us stay on top of our customers’ and prospects’ requirements with features like website tracking. We have an extra edge now because we can strategically upsell, and cross-sell offerings.

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LeadSquared for Marketing:

LeadSquared’s marketing automation suite is a centralized platform that the team at Equentis uses to execute their direct marketing initiatives.  

It helps the marketing team all the way from lead capture to lead nurture. Marketers at Equintis use LeadSquared  to create attractive landing pages and run targeted email campaigns. With LeadSquared, email campaigns can be personalized at scale with the capability to manage mailing lists based on regions, company sizes, industries, and more. These lists can also be saved as dynamic and static lists according to the intent of the campaign to better manage data.

With LeadSquared, email marketing campaigns can be automated, scheduled, and edited with pre-defined templates for a hassle-free user experience 

Features that Make LeadSquared Stand Apart:

1. Website Tracking:

The website tracking feature on LeadSquared helps sales and marketing teams track how customers and prospects engage with webpages. This entails how long they spend on webpages or actions taken such as forms submitted, files downloaded, pages visited, etc.

2. Reports:

With LeadSquared Reports, it’s easy to gain insights to improve the marketing and sales processes. Real-time reports can be easily accessed to arrive at micro and macro-level conclusions. For instance, reports help slice and dice data to understand calls made by sales executives, progress made on every lead, potential chances of sale, etc.

3. Lead Distribution Automation:

Manual lead distribution can take hours depending on the organization’s processes and sales pipeline. With automated lead distribution via LeadSquared, sales executives are allocated leads in real-time based on agent performance, and availability.

The LeadSquared Experience:  

Here’s a look into the benefits that Equentis experiences with LeadSquared!  

  • LeadSquared acts as a central repository for all their data. This enforces transparency across the organization, further making collaboration and coordination seamless.
  • Workflow automation on LeadSquared also ensures that sales executives never miss a follow-up with timely reminders and automated lead distribution. 
  • LeadSquared also hosts a robust integration ecosystem with some of the best industry-standard connectors to seamlessly connect all the third-party tools in your tech stack. 

Equentis now achieves higher sales conversions, streamlines sales and marketing processes with automation, and faces zero downtime with LeadSquared!